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Unban Request [smovi] - [CzerkA]

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Nickname: Smov1

Serial: 4B8BDDA207999FEC5778CAF78782BF03

When were you banned/muted: 11.07.2020

What was the reason for your punishment: "u know why"

For how long you have been banned/muted: permanently

Additional Text: 
hi CzerkA, it's me again.
It's been 3 months since you banned me.
During this time, I realized that I was doing wrong, and behaved like a child.
I want to apologize for everything and ask for unban.
Let's forget everything from before and just will play and enjoy this game.

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Unbanned under custody. In case of your nickname being called out in any kind of trouble, your punishment will return. Welcome back, try to stay away from your past mistakes and prevent making them happen again.

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