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[WCF UPDATE] Group Fifthers' Date & Time

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Hello everyone!

We'd like to congratulate every single one of the participants, we encountered many great performances which allowed us to understand that you put great effort into this tournament, for that we are all grateful. Before moving on with the 1/4s, we have Group Fifthers. To explain what it is to those who do not know, it is sort of a second chance for the ones who finished their group in fifth place. Therefore, as you might understand, the group is formed of every group's fifth finishers. The map list will still be the same, it will not be changed throughout the tournament. Unfortunately, only the top-4 of this group will be able to qualify to 1/4s, so you better train hard to use this opportunity.



Group Fifthers


  • LonneX
  • Zumpax
  • naxo
  • quashy
  • zei
  • Bagio
  • VespeR
  • SebastiaN
  • Lost
  • Gteatero
  • yzz
  • GoldeN
  • Dice
  • FernandinhO

Date: 21st February / 20 CET


Yours Faithfully,

Czerka & FoXX Organization.

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