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[FoXX] Cathrine JR

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Force Out Xtreme

Nickname(s), real name, age and location:

Cathrine, I am 23 years old, I live in the Philippines.

Tell us a bit about your MTA journey: 


First of all, I remember starting playing MTA in 2007. However, my journey started in SA-MP, which is San Andreas Multiplayer. While I was there, I played on my friend's server. But after a couple of days, he mentioned to me about another GTA San Andreas multiplayer mod known as "Multi Theft Auto". So I said I'd give a try and play on that multiplayer because he said it was enjoyable, maybe more so than SA-MP. SA-MP was still good, just it had default and simplistic looking scripts that made it look basic. When I moved to MTA, I found a server called KoG which is "Killers Of Gta". When I first played on their gamemode, it was so hard because I didn't have many skills at that time. It was difficult to control the cars to stunt on the road etc. The most fun part of playing there was meeting new friends every day, and after years of playing in MTA, it has allowed me to improve my skills constantly because other players have given me more motivation to play.

Here's a little more about my early clan history and some other servers I'd like to cover briefly (Including most, but not all teams/servers I was part of). To check this, press the button below. If you would prefer to know about my time in MTA nowadays, skip this button/section and read the next paragraph instead.

Previous clans and reasons for leaving:

=KoG= Killers of Gta (member/left) 2007-2009 / (co-leader/left closed) 2014-2015 closed
>VIP< Very Important Player (member/left closed) 2016 closed
.:DoA:. Death on Approach (trial member/left) 2017 left
-|TG|- Twisted Gamers (member/left closed) 2018-2020 closed

[Korn] Knights of red night 2019-2020 closed

R#Ravens Gaming 2020- 2021  closed

TSR| The Street Racers (members/left) 2011

FfF' Fight For Yourself (member/left) 2015

~CC~ Cool Cars (OS leader/left closed) 2016-2017

-B5 Best Five (member/left) 2016

iR| iRace (member/left closed) 2015-2016

|X1| |X2| |X3| |X4| |X5| Xtreme Five (member/left closed) 2010-2011

TSR| The Street Racers (members/left) 2011

-a7x- a7x Gaming (members/left closed) 2009-2010

Other official/community clans

n.T~ Nab Team (member/left) 2014-2015 FFS Community

|RG| Royal Gaming (member/left) 2015 FFS Community

MP:// MyLittlePonies^~^ (Leader/left) 2014-2018 Twisted Gamers Community

AYAYA SQUADDY (Co-leader) 2020-2021 Currently on FoXX Community

|Tsw| The Speed Warriors (member/left) 2014-2015 FFS Community

Why do you want to be a part of our family?

I have always enjoyed being a part of FoXX community since it's always been popular and I like servers with big playerbases. I also enjoy the events hosted by the server. It's enough to motivate me to want to join here. I will try my best to do my job and to improve my skills as I always have. I also want to help get rid of the rulebreakers. I was once someone who behaved like some of these guys... and I realise now that it was wrong so my way of making up for that is to help eliminate those who still haven't learnt from their mistakes. I'd also like to play with the team in competitive matches. I'm a good Old School player and I'm ready to help the team if you need me. I can play WFF style OS or OS with the hunter.

Which is the way you can help us to reach the top?

My goals are to help the newbies and quickly to gain any experience I am missing as a Trial before I became a Member. I want to help the players to follow the rules because I think a lot of players don't know them all. That's okay though because there are many players so It's hard to expect everyone to know everything about the server. Players sometimes are rude and I can warn them, then punish them depending on if they listen or not. Basically I will try my best as a moderator to help the community and I will behave responsibly to all players in the server to help them every time I am online. I will be active before the trials are chosen and continue afterwards if I am accepted.

Have you ever had any fights with one of our members? If so why and with who?


What social media do you use?

discord: CaTSoRz#4083

Additional information (if needed):


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