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Unban Request smovi'dx - upper

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Nickname: smovi'dx

Serial: 4B8BDDA207999FEC5778CAF78782BF03

When were you banned/muted: 23.12.2020

What was the reason for your punishment: bad behavior

For how long you have been banned/muted: permanently

Additional Text:
hi i want to apologize for yesterday's situation
I was drunk yesterday
today I wanted to go to the server and see that my serial is banned
but I didn't remember why it happened
I asked my friends and they said that I got a mute and then joined the server with a bad nickname
I want to apologize for this and ask to change the ban for at least 30 days


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I wish you had left out the totally unbelievable drunk part... You are unbanned, Merry Christmas!

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