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Scripts to RECORD MAPS

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SCRIPTS 600px-Scripting.png.820f28e40f56d1fedebd5bb9b92153e6.png RECORD  MAPS

Hello community!
I'm here today to list some excellent scripts for you to record your maps. Hope you like it!


Custom Vehicle

Author: TheFreeroamZone

With this script you can add a more beautiful car instead of an original gta sa.

You can download any infernus and replace it with test.txd and test.dff which is in the script folder. If you want to replace another vehicle, you need to change the id inside the script.




Did you like the script? Click here to download!


Custom Lights

Author: Yakuza

This script changes something small, but it gives an incredible improvement in the recording of the map. He changes the vehicle's taillight.


You can put other lanterns, I chose mine that was made by Nitron: Link Here

Did you like the script? Click here to download!


Water Shader

Author: Ren712

This script makes the game much more beautiful, it will certainly make your video much better. Because water is something always seen and leaving it with a special detail is extremely important!


Did you like the script? Click here to download!


Ultrathing v0.26

Author: Plodders

This script is phenomenal. You can add reflection in the car and greatly improve the quality of the image and the motion blur that for videos of maps DM, is extremely beautiful!.


Did you like the script? Click here to download!


Recording Tool

Author: vMafia|Karevan

This script is very good! Below is a list of all possible options:

Select vehicle color, and make it always be the same even when you change your vehicle.
Select your nitro color
Force always use same wheels option
Make doors damage proof: this will disable doors from taking damage, opening, etc. So your car will look so pretty tongue.gif
Damage proof panels: same as with doors.
Damage proof vehicle: this is already a "hack". You can use this if a map is becoming so hard for you, or whatever. With this the health of your vehicle wont decrease (but you will still die if you fall into water)
Show copyright: this option allows you to display a text on the screen (such as your name, the url of your clan... Color codes allowed)
Show map name: choose if you want to display map's name or not on the screen
Show author: choose if you want to show author's name on the screen, next to map name.
Hide radar option
Hide chat option
Disable clouds option
Select water color
Select sky gradient.


Did you like the script? Click here to download!


Position Saver

Author: GUS

Very efficient script, especially if you are recording a difficult map. With it you can save and load your current position, so if you miss the map, you can go back. When editing the video, just unite the two parts!


Did you like the script? Click here to download!


Camera Tool

Author: ZenoS ft. A.Noniem

Excellent script! You can make a cinematics introduction to your map with it, with several different movements. I will leave below a video showing how the script works.

Oficial Video Tutorial

Did you like the script? Click here to download!



Any questions, comment below and I will be happy to help!

Sincerely, KONASK

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Add basic draw distance script or Ceeser's EDD (better basic one since Ceeser's causes fps drops at overloaded maps), and also enb, which increases your car's reflection, it works with UltraThing perfectly fine

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