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  1. Not gonna lie, last 2 rounds were intense as fuck. Both teams are fighting for the win! Awesome performance from both teams. Hopefully one day we can have a rematch!
  2. local random = math.random(2) print(random == 1 and "Accepted" or "Declined")
  3. gg wp boys, that was intense as fuck! @AudiMTA01 what a beast!! real mvp!!! P.S: I'm really disappointed on our CW server efficiency, I know many players faced FPS drops and much more and I apologize for that. However, I can promise you that we'll work on something new and we're really sorry for any inconvenience.
  4. You can check if there are admins online through our roster Closed
  5. N3xT

    Moving in

    VAAAAAMOOOOO 7m bros
  6. Closed to prevent further spam
  7. nice map & record bro, keep up the good work
  8. N3xT

    Help tab is bugged

    Fixed, thanks for the report Closed.
  9. N3xT

    Warps on HDM Room

    Should be fixed, thanks for the report. Closed
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