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  1. N3xT

    Ho Ho Ho!

    Hello everyone! Once again, here we are... It's been quite a while since I wrote something, it's no secret I haven't been up-to-date myself lately. I guess life can be harsh sometimes 😛 We all know 2020 was a year of its own kind. I can't even describe what we went through last year through words. We had our good and bad days. Our happy and sad mornings. Some of us were laughing at night and some were crying. But each one of you is a true hero for not giving up. Did anyone imagine that we would face a global pandemic and be quarantined for months? If someone told me such a thing I would call him a maniac! If someone asked me what did you learn from 2020, I would say don't take things for granted. Enjoy the moment and live it with all of its small details. Nobody knows what will happen in the future... Without further ado, let's jump right in! Merry Christmas I know we're kind of late to the party, but as they say, better late than never! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, full of joy, love, and peace. I hope you enjoyed your time with your family and friends. I know it's kind of hard to stay in touch with your beloved ones nowadays because of coronavirus. Just please stay safe and wear your masks! Development For the past few months, our cute developer @dnlk has been working hard on a completely new forum with a lot of nice features, which you'll see very soon. A huge shout out goes to him for making this possible! I have met many developers throughout my career, none as professional as Daniel. We are really glad we have him as a brother, friend, and developer. Keep up the good work mate! Also here's a little sneak peek of his work As for our second development topic today, our server. As we announced before, we're working on a new server written from scratch, we would like to keep our progress private for now. Thus, I can't disclose more details at the moment. But I can promise you all, it's worth the time. We're working really hard and once we're ready, you'll be the first to know! Yet, I can't just show up with empty hands right?! Here's a sneak peek to keep you all happy! Official Anthem If you're not aware yet, @shiio was humble enough to make us such a masterpiece! We're really proud that we have such guys in our community. Therefore, we would like to reward him with 6 months of donor and $1.000.000 in-game cash. You have a great future ahead of you mate, wish you all the best! Also, make sure to check it out if you didn't (Click Here) Recent Trials, and Promotions Last but not least, as we're coming to the end of this year. We have picked a few lucky ones for our family! Please warmly welcome @Gare @ExplO @SantJ @Thomas Congratulations to each one of you boys. You proved that you're worthy and we have huge expectations from you all, I know you won't let us down. Welcome to the family! Let's get to the next part, promotions! For the past few months, there are some who showed more interest and effort than others. Thereupon, they truly deserved their promotions. On behalf of FoXX family, I would like to thank each one of you. Congratulations boys! Manager (WFF Captain) @Anwix Manager (WFF Captain) @Rexon Member @Racer Member @Athena Member @snafi To sum up... It's been a year since we first started our journey, and I'm really happy about the progress we made so far. Of course, I couldn't do all of that by myself, so I would thank each one of our family, I'm truly thankful to you all. I wish you all a happy new year. Till we meet again! Best regards, N3xT & FoXX Leadership
  2. Just to clear things out. Your ban wasn't because you exploited a bug on a "sensitive map", exploiting bugs instead of reporting them will result in an instant ban and I'm pretty sure you're aware of that. Also, you were asked if your top time in Gteatero's map was illegal and you denied that but instead replied with a "wait for the video on YouTube" and we both know the end of this story... I hope you learned your lesson this time and make sure to check our rules. Unbanned
  3. N3xT

    Happy Halloween

    Congratulations @Athena & @snafi. Truly deserved boys, enjoy your stay and don't let us down! Also congratulations to my brothers who were promoted today, you guys earned it. Keep up the good work! I also want to thank @CzerkA & @GuilhermE for giving me the chance to become one of the leaders for such a huge and historical clan. Won't let you guys down. @Memphis, @CIFFON & @Anwix. It's always sad to see someone leave... I wish you all the best in your real life. Hopefully, we'll get you guys back one day ❤️ Once a FoXX. Always a FoXX.
  4. N3xT

    OOP Library

    Introduction Hello, I made this library a while ago, and to be honest, it's quite useful when it comes to dealing with tournaments and clan-wars servers. Hence, I decided to make it public to everyone. And yes, it's the same library I have been using on F5 server. Note: The library is mainly based on OOP (Object-oriented programming). Therefore, you should have a little amount of experience before using it. Also, please if you notice any bugs or improvements let me know either by contacting me directly or by creating an issue through GitHub. Discord: N3xT#0001 Classes This library provides you an easier way to deal with such scripts. It's made of 3 classes: 1. Core: This would be the heart of your script, dealing with clan-war state, played rounds, outputting notifications, and much more to implement if you think out of the box. 2. Clans: For the second part, which plays a critical role here. Clans, so instead of writing hundreds of codes to create clans, adding points, etcetera. It can be done with the provided functions instead. 3. Players: Last but not least. Players, I guess who doesn't deal with players when it comes to MTA. This class provides you a better way to deal with points and storing them, setting a clan to an individual. You also have to keep that in mind, points table "PlayersData" was never cleared, so you have to deal with that to prevent a memory leak. Usage I made a little file called main_server.lua. You should find a few examples in there. And the rest is up to you! Download You can find everything on (GitHub)
  5. Not gonna lie, last 2 rounds were intense as fuck. Both teams are fighting for the win! Awesome performance from both teams. Hopefully one day we can have a rematch!
  6. local random = math.random(2) print(random == 1 and "Accepted" or "Declined")
  7. gg wp boys, that was intense as fuck! @AudiMTA01 what a beast!! real mvp!!! P.S: I'm really disappointed on our CW server efficiency, I know many players faced FPS drops and much more and I apologize for that. However, I can promise you that we'll work on something new and we're really sorry for any inconvenience.
  8. N3xT

    Moving in

    VAAAAAMOOOOO 7m bros
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