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  1. I love the maps vibe, would be better with some palms and tall buildings in deco, to give it that real feel ❤️
  2. inkubator termostator karburator kultivator
  3. While you've been playing MTA I was organizing Humanitarian Gatherings for Abandoned Animals! Cheers
  4. I heard Sombor had the most Corona cases hehehe Greetz from Zrenjanin, hope we meet one day bro!
  5. OMG RAGEEEE, Welcome back broo! ❤️❤️❤️
  6. Back in 2012 I was at a friend of mine to play CoD MW3 and saw the "Raven Software" intro so I decided to take it as a nick. In the beginning I was using RaweN, Rawen, RaVeN, RaveN and every possible combination of the letters, then I met iRenox and saw him using "i" infront of his name. So yeah I asked him for "permission" if I can use it too, and since then everyone is putting that "i" infront of their names.
  7. Best of luck fotelini 💛💛
  8. BROOOOOO!!! Whalecum black my dear friend! ❤️❤️❤️
  9. Nickname(s), real name, age and location: My in-game nicknames are iRaven and DraGeR. My real name is Zsolt, I am 21 years old and I live in Serbia, Zrenjanin. I used to study Germanistik till this year but I gave it up. Now I am mostly focusing on Photography as my main Hobby and since I am not a very Social guy, this really helped me a lot with leaving that introvert, closed me behind. Tell us a bit about your MTA journey: My MTA Career started back in 2010/2011 I don't really remember. My first year I mostly spent playing on a Greek Freeroam/Roleplay Server called LaineLaitos. That server introduced me to two different Gamemodes, which I continued to play the next Year. After a good time I realised that there were Hungarian servers and since I am a "Hungarian" and my English wasn't really good back then, I wanted to check out their Community. That's the time when I met some pretty amazing People that I still see nowadays playing. That time I found this Gamemode called DM, and started playing it on some old servers like DGT, Neon and some Hungarian servers like GoD, GPT... My first Clan was also a Hungarian one called GHC ( Gamers Hungarian Clan ). After it closed a really big and famous Clan caught my eyes. mG ( megaGaming ) a ton of great mappers were in it, and I thought to myself why wouldn't I try and join it. It was a success, but after few months I was kicked cause of my childish behavior. So after that I joined a French Clan where I was the only foreigner but they had nothing against me. Time and time has gone, and I was "roaming" from server to server to find the right Place. Then I found a really interesting Server from the Clan xG, where I wrote like 2 Join Requests but both were declined. Still don't know why, but it did not push me away from the great Community and the Vibe that the Server offered. Still remember some members like GoldenWeed, Djdidier, Xien, n30x, CoolLuck and the amazing crew. Then came my first and forever Family that I still can't forget. Race Generation, the Family that was not all about gaming and MTA. This is the greatest community that I could ever been in. Thanks to Djdidier, Events, DreaM, BraYn, Rage, ControL, FataL and the whole damn crew I finally found a Group that was full with love, kindness, respect and challenge and ofcourse we had our own Clown DanNyeL. The fusion with UAG just made it to another Level, with another great group of people like MegaDreams, Banshee, PiMouZ, Banaan, Mondim, JKM and so on. These few Years with this crew were my best Years in MTA. We are still in Contact after all these Years and that shows some real bonding right there. Sadly after we closed I was clanless for a longer time searching for the right one. ER got my eyes so I didn't hesitate to give it a try. I was accepted and was really proud on myself for this succeed. Great clan, great people and the best server for it's time. Sadly it closed after few Months. After that I decided I would not take the game serious and were joining Clans just to meet some fresh members and enjoy the community. After leaving Uff I just left MTA cause I didn't see any use from it. I made a 7 Month Pause from it and came back in September and since then I am just trying to get those vibes back. Previous clans and reasons for leaving: Race Generation - Closed. (CW-Manager) Ultimare AIR Gamers - Fused with rG, closed. (CW-Manager) Awesome Mapping & Gaming - Left. (Member) Empire of Riders - Closed. (Designer Assistant) The Favoured Few - Left due to inactivity. (Member) Unstoppable Fighters Force - Closed. (Co-Leader) Why do you want to be a part of our family? As said in some sentences in my MTA journey, I just wanna find a good and enjoyable community, to meet new People and to have some fun. Since I am not that much interested in CW's and I totally am not into this wff and challenging stuff that came up these last years, I can't promise anything for CW's. Which is the way you can help us to reach the top? Compared to these nowaday players and all to those "trainers", my skills are barely hitting the limit. Kinda lost that interest in training maps for CW's and losing a lot of time with it. So I can mostly help with organizing the crew, helping with some random team stuff around. What social media do you use? Discord: iRaven#1746 Instagram: zoltnadjivan_ Skype: zsole-98 Additional information (if needed): I tried to tell more about my MTA History eventho I couldn't fit everything. Hope it's not too much. Greetings, iRaven
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