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  1. Rage

    Epic Quotes

    3am vibes with @Xer0, @BennY and @AudiMTA01 FoXX'Rage#: I'm not that tall ftwXer0!: im 187cm FoXX'Rage#: ur dick must be small then ftwXer0!: nah bro LuFFy#|-nTL-|: lul uF//BennY: dude uF//BennY: i remember roasting a girl FoXX'Rage#: the tallest you are the smaller your dick is uF//BennY: she is 150 |-XpR-|xAUDI: ahaha true rage ftwXer0!: tell that to black people FoXX'Rage#: xD ftwXer0!: idiot LuFFy#|-nTL-|: (╭☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)╭☞ uF//BennY: just told her my dick was taller than u ftwXer0!: xd |-XpR-|xAUDI: skinny guys = big penis too uF//BennY: her* FoXX'Rage#: + FoXX'Rage#: I'm talking about white people FoXX'Rage#: black people are on a whole new level uF//BennY: dude uF//BennY: am white and skinny ftwXer0!: then explain how I'm beyond 20 😞 FoXX'Rage#: same uF//BennY: can i fuck ? ftwXer0!: (yes i measured the size) FoXX'Rage#: my dick is around 20cm ftwXer0!: (dont ask me why) uF//BennY: why FoXX'Rage#: actually my gf measured the size ftwXer0!: XDD |-XpR-|xAUDI: hahah why wtf rage |-XpR-|xAUDI: XD FoXX'Rage#: idk uF//BennY: she said she cant handle him |-XpR-|xAUDI: my gf cant even deepthroat my dick ftwXer0!: we both 20club then |-XpR-|xAUDI: rookie ftwXer0!: ez FoXX'Rage#: she said she never saw a huge dick like mine before |-XpR-|xAUDI: 😄 uF//BennY: is it that small |-XpR-|xAUDI: my gf said her uncle was better |-XpR-|xAUDI: wtf ? FoXX'Rage#: and I asked: " should I be happy because of the compliment, or sad because you saw many dicks? " ftwXer0!: XDDD uF//BennY: XD ftwXer0!: AUDI ftwXer0!: LMAO |-XpR-|xAUDI: xDD wait what FoXX'Rage#: LOL AUDI kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk uF//BennY: wait what ftwXer0!: rage lol uF//BennY: XD ftwXer0!: intense convos here ftwXer0!: at 3am
  2. Special thanks to @gerc for recording this map and also Nihil and Buzz for letting me be part of this map! Enjoy
  3. Rage

    Wassup ?

    Hey bro! welcome here and enjoy your stay!!
  4. Rage

    Epic Quotes

    FoXX'Rage: Just got shrekt were tff exclusive back then /TFF\Wazzy#SIMP: ye i remember FoXX'Rage: but then I decided to publish it mvp.vnsx#: imdone mvp.vnsx#: rooflite ganggang //[FoXX]BZRK!~: noooo [HDM] /TFF\Wazzy#SIMP has won as the last player alive [Streak: 1] /TFF\Wazzy#SIMP: idk mep tbh [HDM] Starting [HDM]RedKN!GHT ft. SiqeLepTor ft. Nakvie# - Nature of Travel //[FoXX]BZRK!~: goood map but shit map /TFF\Wazzy#SIMP: i still have t1 on most of shrekt maps /TFF\Wazzy#SIMP: on tff /TFF\Wazzy#SIMP: + perfect time on reborn xd FoXX'Rage: you guys were fighting for a tt on reborn? xD [HDM] //[FoXX]BZRK!~ has won as the last player alive [Streak: 1] /TFF\Wazzy#SIMP: na [HDM] Starting [HDM]Rage# ft. Simas#<~ ft.T3xt ft. iRaven ft. TonyxO ft. DizzasTeR ft. BurNout ft. Divi! ft. Darmos - Final Just Got Shrekt Stop shouting! /TFF\Wazzy#SIMP: i just wanted to destroy the competition FoXX'Rage: LOLOOLOLOl FoXX'Rage: WTF FoXX'Rage: what are the odds /TFF\Wazzy#SIMP: xddd FoXX'Rage: KDAJALDLKA
  5. Rage

    [HDM] ZeeT - SHITMAP

    votekick darkyz 2/4
  6. Rage

    Summer for us!

    Welcome new foxxies!! Uff fast5, let's goooooooo
  7. Rage


    Welcome mate! Enjoy your stay 🙂
  8. Thanks for the feedback boys, really appreciate it! ❤️
  9. Thanks for the video gerc! It's very cool! Also, special thanks to: - @BuzZ; - @exodus26; - @HTML; - @FataL; - @Thalesz; - @Lacia; And a few more other people.. For helping me testing the map, and buzz, exodus, html for helping me with the deco!
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