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  1. Gracias por el video, Andres papasito. El mejor ❤️
  2. Rage

    [REL] Music Player

    Thanks for the feedback guys!
  3. Music Player Hello Folks! So, 3 years ago, I was tired of hearing radio songs.. and all those commercials, so I thought in creating a music player script. Also, there is no need to upload the music into the map, you can directly listen to it with a link. Initially I decided to keep it just for me or only share it with some friends, didn't want to publish it due to some minor bugs, but now I took the patience to fix them and to improve it a bit and adding a help command. This is the script, it has a simple gui window: How to make it work? Sadly couldn't make it playable with youtube links so you need to convert them. And how do you convert them you ask? It's pretty simple, go on THIS website with a youtube link and convert the youtube link, after you have converted it, right click on the "DOWNLOAD" button and copy that link, after that just paste the link in the script in-game and ta-dahhh, it plays music. Features Well, it's just a music player, doesn't have that much of features. - You can play up to 1 hour and 30 mins of mixes. - You can choose to play the music only for you or for everybody on the server, to do that press on " For All " and that tiny window on the left will pop-up. NOTE: You must be logged in as an admin to play the music for everyone. Did you enjoy the script? And do you want to have it in your mapping server to show music to your friends? Hit the download button down below then. DOWNLOAD LINK Any questions contact me on discord: Rage#3749 Rage#. PS: thanks for @Satya for the picture ❤️
  4. In-game name: Rage# Country: Portugal Serial: 0001 0000 0 0 1 1 00 111 0 0 0000 00 1 1 000101 01 010 Discord: Rage#3749
  5. Good luck!!! i like your estilo, estilo cachorro
  6. You can wait 1 more day, it's just a learning session. If you really regret what you have made, then you can wait. Just sleep, time will go faster. Request denied. This is closed.
  7. It was me who banned you
  8. Happy birthday retard.relax @Relax
  9. Good luck Satya! You are a great guy
  10. OOOOOO Best of luck manito ❤️
  11. Good luck explosito! el mejor ❤️
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