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  1. I know that quality sucks, but I will not wait for the goodwill of the people who record. after all what matters is the map ❤️
  2. thank you, but here it was refused
  3. hello guys, I come here to bring the video of my project with almanov. the map is already old but decided to make a recording. Hope you like it. The registration was done by Hell1sh and I am very grateful. #girlpower #girlsinmta the recording was done without the grass
  4. hello mta community, I come here to leave my package of all my maps made in this trajectory of mta. For those who want to obtain just click on the link. You are updating the case for something new. Hope you like it. kisses by sendy :) Donwload : Link~ https://drive.google.com/open?id=1T0FQhkmDqShCxOWmhHNMnP0tHABwHCw-
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