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  1. In-game name: quashy Country: Brasil Serial: Discord: quashy#4867
  2. 1. Nickname / Location / Personal info My name is Guilherme, 18 years old Im curretly living in Brasil 2. Previous Clans TxG | The xTreme Ghost | - Closed iSG | Insane Style Gamers | Member/Recruter | - Closed 3R | 3lite Racers | DM Manager | Left iW | Iron Will | Member | - Left Xz | Zeitgeist | Leader | - Left 3. Your MTA career Well, i started my MTA career in 2010, i played in some Roleplay server. Then in 2013 i found FFS Gaming, firstly i played a random gamemod called run, i passed like 2 months and i got banned cuz i was a kid XD. In 2013/2014 i found UnG (UnitGames) and DDC (Drunk Drivers Club) and there i started my DM career. In DDC i waste like 1/2 year of my life, i was nolifing this game alot and i joined in my first DM team, but i cant remember the name its was a long time ago. Well, in the middle of 2015 FOTL moved to FFS, well, i didnt liked that, and i tried to found new servers. And i found! i found a server called TxG, and well i tried to join there but i was noob asf, so i got declined. But after 2 months i improved alot my skills and i tried to join again, and well i got accepted! but sadly it closed. In 2016 i found one of my best teams, iSG. i passed like 8/7 months in iSG and it was one of my best teams. We won like alot of clans wars with me. U can search it on youtube if u want. And i was really happy there. To be honest i was idiot and i decided to leave. In that time i found alot of friends! In some of those guys i still talk with them. In the final of 2016 i found a server called 3lite Racers. well, it was different cuz i never joined a team like that. Their server got 100 players per day. and i was there to help them, but alot of guys decided to leave, and i was unmotivated so i decided to leave too. And in the middle of 2017 i decided to back to iSG, i passed some time with my old friends, and sadly the team closed. And well, 2018 i started to play CSGO so i was inactive in MTA. in the end of 2018 i started my career on wff mode. but i was slow asf (im still slow XD). I found a Brazilian server btw. called BR (Brasil Racing) and there i started to train some wffs maps, and well i improved alot. And i back to FFS Gaming server and there i played 2 wffs and i performance we all know already bad. So well, in the middle of 2019 i made my first join request to a real wff team iW (Iron Will), In iW improved alot i played L7 and i finished in top 30 and it was great for me i never did something special in this game like that. But in the end of L7 i decided to leave iW. in the end of 2019, me, Asency, Hayden, MJT and NaXeR, we made a new team Zeitgeist, and well it was my best team. we did alot of amazing things like, join in L7 in a short time cuz we were really powerful, and we won our first clanwar against FFS in DM and we won another great clanwar against FoXX. BRO i was really happy with that!. But when we started to play L7 some of our important members decided to leave and our perfomance wasnt the best but atleast we tried. in the middle of 2020 we played MCL WFF, and we won like all wff clanwars and i was really happy that. But in the end of the tournament some guys decided to leave again. at the same time i played the wff and i had my best perfomance ever i reached semi-finals, and i was like WOT how i did it. And well, now im here, trying to find a new team, new friends 🙂 4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you? Im looking for a new team, i want to find new friends. I think that Elite Players will be a great place. and Of course i want to help with clanwars, and others things. Im here to help! also Elite Players is a mature team with great players and friendly players! 5. Contact Discord! (quashy#1579) 6. Something to add(optional) Cykz eh viado ͡ °͜ʖ͡° ?͡ °͜ʖ͡° ?͡ °͜ʖ͡° ?
  3. Welcome to the "Zeitgeist - How to make a correct Union Application" section, it's really gratifying that you are thinking about joining us, but before making a join request, you should know that we will take into account these attributes 1. Loyalty: A loyal person is really important for us, if you want to join in zeitgeist, you will also be part of our family, therefore you will be willing to trust and respect our members. Is essential that you behave helpfully and sincerely, we don't want to have unnecessary fights between our members, if you had any previous conflict with any team member, this may harm your possible acceptance into the clan, the best thing to do is talk about it, leave grudges behind and move on, past conflicts must stay in the past. 2. Responsibility: We are looking for players with a good sense of responsibility, people capable of meeting our expectations, demonstrating a strong will when it's required. We know that acting under pressure can be difficult to do, but we are willing to teach you this important attribute, we want you to be able to give the correct solutions to complex problems, when the situation requires it. 3. Maturity: It's an important attribute that you must demonstrate whenever you can, we are not asking you to be bitter and take the game stressfully all time, we just want you to know how to differentiate moments when you can joke with us and where you have to take things seriously, as I said before, we want to avoid unnecessary fights between our members. 4. Learning: We are a growing clan, therefore we are looking for players who can "evolve" with us in different ways, one of our goals is to make sure that the individual progression is successful. If you want to join in zeitgeist, you will be willing to take it easy, learn from your mistakes and improve your skills. 5. Competitiveness: One of our main goals is to become part of the most strongest clans of this community, for this reason, we are looking for people who can participate in each competition with great enthusiasm and motivation. If you have any of these attributes, make your union application with self-confidence, you will have a high probability of being Accepted! You must follow the following format to make a union application correctly, The language you should use is English, we hope that you complete each question with honesty and seriousness. 1. -Personal presentation (name, Nickname, age, current location): 2. -Tell us about yourself (Story of your career in MTA): 3. -Clans in which you have been (Time you were in it, rank and exit reason): 4. -What are your goals in "Zeitgeist": 5. -How can we contact you (Skype, Discord, Whatsapp) ?: We recommend that thread tittle be : "Your nickname's" Union Application / "Your nickname's" Join Request. IMPORTANT You would be immediately Declined if: - you use another union application format. - If you copy any previous join request. - You are already in a clan. - Insult or causes an unnecessary fight with a team member.
  4. # Nickname Rank Country 1 Xz'MJT Leader Chile 2 Xz'quashy Leader Co-Founder / Community Manager / WFF Squad Manager Brazil 3 Xz'SrK Leader Co-Founder / Community Manager Assistant / DM Squad Manager Chile 4 Xz'HawK Co-leader Head of Developers / Community Manager / Assistant DM Clanwar Manager Hungary 5 Xz'Nitrix Co-leader WFF Squad Manager Russia 6 Xz'Athenian Manager Assistant DM Clanwar Manager Argentina 7 Xz'Valentino Manager WFF Clanwar Manager Argentina 8 Xz'SheikkZ Manager Assistant WFF Clanwar Manager Brazil 9 Xz'Dr!m4K Manager Discord Manager Brazil 10 Xz'Mezzeky Member Algeria 11 Xz'Crussero Member Argentina 12 Xz'TroyBoy Member Israel 13 Xz'Vander Member Saudi Arabia 14 Xz'Takash Member Brazil 15 Xz'Bruce Member Colombia 16 Xz'Visible Member United States 17 Xz'JoaozinhO Member Brazil 18 Xz'Abyss Member Portugal 19 Xz'CarlosG7 Member Mexico 20 Xz'GanzoA9 Member Mexico 21 Xz'Koala Member Chile 22 Xz'issei Member Brazil 23 Xz'SlighT Member Mexico 24 Xz'Quanchi Trial - 25 Xz'Lil_Sato Trial Argentina 26 Xz'Syler Trial Colombia 27 Xz'Nyxko Trial Russia 28 Xz'RYDER Trial - 29 Xz'xLink Trial Mexico
  5. In-game name: quashyxz Country: Brasil Serial: - Discord: quashyyy#8756
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