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  1. 10/10 but i know his mother more 😉
  2. Nice map pchzy
  3. Well written news man, can't wait to see this new tournaments and also wanted to welcome the new slaves especially my lil bro pchzy ❤️
  4. I see pchzy,shux and chipy i press like Anyway cool map boys, glad that i had the chance to try it before the release and also cool edit shux bro, gj
  5. @Zebra take me as a student pls
  6. Driver

    [DM] Gteatero

    Weird like nX maps
  7. I don't know where u copied this jr,but i suggest you to change it since you wasn't in EPD and EPC at all.
  8. Driver

    Moving in

    Gz new slaves, also im glad that we moved our "forum" here.
  9. Gz bae @PCHZY ❤️
  10. Hey guys,today i want to show you my latest work with Royce and Anti-Z called Unsurpassed II Enjoy.
  11. Driver

    Lazve's Join Request

    gl man 🙂
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