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  1. 10/10 but i know his mother more 😉
  2. Well written news man, can't wait to see this new tournaments and also wanted to welcome the new slaves especially my lil bro pchzy ❤️
  3. I see pchzy,shux and chipy i press like Anyway cool map boys, glad that i had the chance to try it before the release and also cool edit shux bro, gj
  4. @Zebra take me as a student pls
  5. Driver

    Moving in

    Gz new slaves, also im glad that we moved our "forum" here.
  6. Gz bae @PCHZY ❤️
  7. Hey guys,today i want to show you my latest work with Royce and Anti-Z called Unsurpassed II Enjoy.
  8. Good luck bae ❤️
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