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  1. SprunkZ


    A warm welcome to our new brothers 😉
  2. really unexpected, nice to see you again. i remember playing csgo with you and krzo. good luck 😉
  3. In-game name: SprunkZ / Abel Country: Austria Serial: will provide soon Discord: sprunkz#9800
  4. Dont act dumb. I told you 4-5 times that your top got bugged and no admin deleted it in OS. Then you started advertising to join other servers and that foxx is shit (guess your english was enough for flaming ? ). I muted you for that. You came to the server with a different serial, thats mute evading, so you got banned. And if it was not enough you decided to come once again with a different serial to evade the ban ? XD Invalid, cu in 15 days.
  5. got some 2009 samp feelings
  6. SprunkZ

    Happy Halloween

    Odyssey Kayn now a manager 😍. @UppeR
  7. tiktok songs in mta, this is the end...
  8. Gracious Goodness ???????
  9. Well written, also good luck from me 😄
  10. wtfff, you improved a lot bro, nice map.
  11. Accepted, if you go on a date with me Good luck
  12. Nice vid 😍, now i wanna go on vacation too - _ -
  13. Could you put a little bit more effort in your join request instead of writing one sentence to each question. It's hard to make a first impression just by that if you know what i mean 😄 Cheers
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