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  1. Well written, also good luck from me 😄
  2. wtfff, you improved a lot bro, nice map.
  3. Accepted, if you go on a date with me Good luck
  4. Nice vid 😍, now i wanna go on vacation too - _ -
  5. Could you put a little bit more effort in your join request instead of writing one sentence to each question. It's hard to make a first impression just by that if you know what i mean 😄 Cheers
  6. SprunkZ


    GL broo <3333
  7. next time stormi doesnt play -____________- gg wp ep was sweaty as hell but fun
  8. Accepted! you won't need it but gl anyways 😄
  9. SprunkZ

    Summer for us!

    Sniper looks like a stick. gz to trials !
  10. OMAGODI OMAGODI ANWIX É MT PRO MY DEUS WHAT A SITUATION MAN Loquitran 3p: Anwix 2p: Vishkuu 1p: Speedi Speedi Hacki Hacki Flashi 1p: Xecjncjncjcn
  11. gg wp ep, was really fun playing against you. next time in valorant hopefully
  12. SprunkZ

    The Big Reveal

    good map and nice record
  13. SprunkZ

    Lazve's Join Request

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