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  1. In-game name: picka Country: Slovenia Serial: - Discord: c.#4600
  2. picka

    Happy Halloween

    Disappointing news
  3. Only bad thing about this, I feel like it's gonna be overplayed a lot, which ruins the atmosphere of the map imo, for me atleast. Good job though
  4. future with no discord nitro 🤡
  5. picka

    On the Rise

    gib back my donation progress or im never donating again -_-
  6. bunch of random parts compared to first one
  7. picka


    1. yes, anti-kmz is unnecessary and the reason I don't play the mode. It's not a bad feature but it works so bad most of the times that even when I'm not kmz-ing it's registering as kmz. Anyways, imo, kmz is what brings extra fun to the mode, I like when ppl whine and cry about it. 2. meh. 3. nos maybe but not the repair.
  8. Belle Delphine onlyfans leaks in my bio!
  9. picka

    Garage Bugs

    Rejoining the server usually did the trick for me
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