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    merry quarantine everyone, stay safe [DM] Starting [DM] Renovatio ft. Redline - Aimless Life II forceout!kyoto: accurate mapname ep!driver~: yea lmao [DM] Starting [DM] UppeR ft. Endzel ft. CrystalCastles - † Depression † forceout!kyoto: yo forceout!kyoto: maptitles forceout!kyoto: chill heibara: lmao ep!driver~: ˣᴰ not five minutes later [DM] Starting [DM] Exodo v5 - Odyssey of Loneliness fxrceout!kyoto: for fucks sake does it stop
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    long live foxx
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    ah shit, here we go again
  4. Nickname(s), real name, age and location: Previously BrokeN, currently Kyoto Alex, 19, Lithuania Tell us a bit about your MTA journey: Started in a SA:MP server called New Dawn in late 2011, where I learned all of my DM essentials. Became the youngest administrator in the server in 2012, promoted to senior administrator, clanwar and map manager later on. Somewhere in the New Dawn timeline I started mapping, and have been doing that ever since. Played in ND until it closed, 2015-2016ish, I tend to forget. During those years I moved to MTA, where my first proper server was TG. After TG started dying out I played in other various servers, the most significant ones being VIP, TfF and ER. After ER closed I quit the game and only recently (about 2 months ago) came back to find myself here, in FoXX. Previous clans and reasons for leaving: pS - Pure Skillz, closed VIP - Very Important Players, closed TC - The Crew, left (eternal server development) ER - Empire of Riders, closed Why do you want to be a part of our family? Some communities/servers just feel like home, and FoXX is one of them. I know quite a few old players, made friends with new ones. With a steadily growing playerbase I felt the urge to go back to my roots and continue administrating. I invest as much time as possible in a community I'm committed to, so why not go all the way and join the clan itself? Which is the way you can help us to reach the top? About 8 years of administrative experience over a few communities plays its part. I know my way around server rules and can keep the environment clean. Also, I am a veteran DM player suitable for clanwars. On top of that, my extensive mapping knowledge means I could assist in managing the map roster. What social media do you use? Discord : KYOTO#3073
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