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  1. Freaking insane, please finish it!
  2. I love certain objects you use to decorate your maps. You map out of the box, I like it alot. Congratulations!
  3. GuilhermE

    Happy Halloween

    Incredible how you guys keep the legacy (so much better than expected). Congratulations, guys! Grateful and proud.
  4. Great idea, but I suggest to set the playlist as collaborative to make your work easier...
  5. maybe djeb could make a good jov
  6. 1. Which is your arena of preference to play at: DM, HDM or both? DM. 2. Please discuss the question of this topic: What makes a DM map HDM? Try to prove your point to everyone else: First off all, I would like to thank @xSimas for raising this discussion about the differentiation between those two arenas. Perhaps these replies will be part of our criteria to test and evaluate maps on our server herafter. Now, answering the question, I think the ones who created the map need to decide and focus on a specific arena to upload their map before starting a map or finishing a map and finally uploading it somewhere. I'm not a big fan of HDM arena, but I see HDM maps as maps which require basically the 4 following aspects: More concentration while playing the map; More in-game experience; More accurate reaction time skills; Dedicated training time on the map. Justifying the aspects I mentioned above: the first one is listed due to obvious reasons, every hard thing to be achieved in life requires concentraction and dedication (sex workers may not agree with me). The second one is based on empirical facts, rarely you will see a newcomer finishing a HDM map, I would say it's even impossible. The third one is related to the fact you need to think faster than usual, press certain keys and turn your car perfectly in most parts, because the calculations are really accurate (and sometimes bad made). And, the last one, which is the most important aspect in my opinion, it's because almost impossible to pass a specifical map on HDM arena without training a bit (I'm talking about the situation in our server, I don't know about the others). 3. Give some examples. If you could select some maps which, in your opinion, would ideally draw a line between the two arenas, what maps would those be and why? [DM] Quantum ft. Negativ - Enemy Territory: Basically a map that just by watching other players playing it and, obviously, knowing the basic game moves you can finish without problems. [HDM] Naval ft. Nakezi - Unmatched Player: This map fits perfectly to the 4 aspects that I listed, no need to further explanations.
  7. That's the kind of map that gets me amazed while I'm watching the video or watching experienced players passing it in-game. Howerver, when I play it by myself, I don't really enjoy it, maybe due to my skills at driving backwards. Anyway, I appreciate how you kept the style of the first Lagosta and made it a kind of concept. Your talent is still on spot, Guy!
  8. 1st - NAiiF2nd - AUDI3rd - Ronaldo
  9. Cuantos-_-cambios-_-de-_-vehículo-_-
  10. GuilhermE

    [DM] Gteatero

    May the CPZ be with you, my brother.
  11. I'm sorry about the other communities, but it's not of today that we've got the best mappers.
  12. You love to put your D everywhere, huh?
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