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  1. Pretty epic gotta say, you've improved a lot
  2. Moon is kid but also dog, weird right
  3. Hey yeah, why you virgin?
  4. DeLeTe

    On the Rise

    Feeling bad I couldn't share my skills and help developing those new features but you've done an incredible job. I'm really proud of you bros and trust me that if not the army, I would help way more. I'm glad for the new trials, I believe most will be a great feature to what we try to build here. Take care army here I come ._.
  5. Hell fucking yes!!!
  6. Seems you have more to offer than humor only, I'm in favour!
  7. Hell yeah one of the brotherest
  8. DeLeTe

    Summer for us!

    I'm really glad to see that even though I'm not here (army life) you guys keep on producing the best you can. I'm proud of you bros, wish to help more when I do get home. I love you! Hello new dudes, I'm Guy on WhatsApp but you won't notice me because I'm at army all day so ye xd
  9. Life time experience. A real Paratrooper!
  10. DeLeTe

    Zebra's Join Request

    Ignacio = good guy
  11. Hey again, I've decided to make another MTA theme, FoXX style. It's just a remake of the cgui images rather than a "full theme" but it's still cool How to use it? MTA San Andreas 1.5 >> MTA >> cgui >> images >> replace the images. Download here: - Regular - Bigger Background Images: Regular Bigger Background Have fun dudes
  12. DeLeTe

    The Big Reveal

    The video is astonishing @Memphis I'm not able to spend much of time with you but it's amazing to see the progress every now and then I get my phone :,) - once a foxx always a foxx -
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