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  1. When I look under the skirt
  2. Me = right, left = good friend, middle = socks, down = dog
  3. Xer0

    [DM] Peek v3 - Howling

    Nibba great map, but I got alot of projects running atm so I lacked time doing so, anyway what you did here is awesome, keep it up 😛
  4. Xer0

    I GAY

    qo all ft OS map
  5. Xer0


    I don't know the exact name, add me on discord (Xer0#2227), I'll send it to you @MatreN
  6. Xer0


    Arigato, 4K available for some extra arigato
  7. Just thought I'd upload this highlight here uwu xd @AudiMTA01
  8. Xer0

    [HDM] ZeeT - SHITMAP

    votekick darkyz 4/4
  9. Xer0

    [HDM] ZeeT - SHITMAP

    Was a pleasure to record this masterpiece. Was definitely worth starting MTA again at 4:30 AM lmao
  10. In-game name: -ftw-Xer0 Country: Germany Serial: - Discord: Xer0#2227
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