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  1. Part 2 in case anyone cares lol
  2. Since FataL posted his, I might aswell post mine aswell here most likely won't ever upload me doing track, only deco
  3. copied from a different community.
  4. re-opened, waiting for @N3xT
  5. If you can't verify that you have left the clan, we will close your join request. Continue this topic with one of our Turkish members like MatreN, you've shown that you don't speak english by - what looks like - copy pasting from translation services.
  6. As long as you're still on their roster we can't verify that you have left the clan
  7. https://dudes-gaming.com/index.php?/staff/ You're still listed as a member here, please request your removal from their roster or provide us with some sort of evidence that you have parted ways with them.
  8. Lacia


    Ban related to dudes gaming, as long as you remain a part of it you're unable to apply for an unban. Invalid
  9. You can see the reason for your ban when you try to connect to the server, looking at your ban on the panel though, you were banned for being part of dudes gaming. Considering that you're no loner visible on their roster, I'll unban you but if we have reason to believe you have not parted ways with the clan you'll get banned again. Valid
  10. sounds like a fastfood place that has a bull for rodeo in it
  11. Does it only happen when trying to connect to FoXX or is it everywhere? When you changed your router, was the issue already present or did it start only after changing router? Are you on a second router? Have a virus scanner installed? EDIT: talked on discord, waiting till 22nd to continue.
  12. Lacia

    Cant Spawn

    Ping is the time it takes for data to be transmitted between our host, you and then back to our host again. It doesn't mean a whole lot in this case. What's important here is your download speed. If you have considerably low download speed but stable ping, you won't be able to download a map in time for the server to start it. If you're on wifi, consider using a cable instead. A wifi connection has shared bandwith, cables don't. If you don't have a cable, try to have as few devices connected to your wifi whilst playing as possible. If you're on cable but have this, you'll have to upgrade your internet connection.
  13. when half of the comments are satya saying thank you lmao
  14. making me want to come back to mta, play it once and quit again
  15. Lacia

    Epic Quotes

    tarin you fucking XD, it's internal chat no leak you missused my trust in you
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