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  1. the secret is muting yourself on discord
  2. Position X Position X Position Z In my honest opinion this is a very big mistake which renders the entire design pointless also, your colorpicker shows an incorrect rgb value absolutely horrible. on a serious note tho, this looks really good
  3. He might have just not listed the clan due to a lack of time spent there, which is perfectly reasonable and done by more people than just him.
  4. Lacia


    most likely a hidden hunter added by the mapper if I had to guess, someone would need to inspect the map for this
  5. Lacia

    Admin/Mod Appication

    waiting for a manager to archive this
  6. Since I was present at the time of this, from what I recall he did warn you (could be wrong & can't say how many times as I was pretty tired, so I apologize for that) on the way you were behaving. I feel like both sides are to some extend in the right here though. I understand your point of view in that some people got away with things they shouldn't have, but do understand that every admin is different, we're just humans and we interpretet things differently. He might have seen it from a different perspective from yours and thus decided to take the actions he did, Ciffon would need to reply here himself to confirm that though. In case you see more of the racism you mentioned and no action taken on them, please do report it (whether that be via forum, discord or by PMing an admin or any other way you can think of) so that it gets brought to our attention as messages may be missed by current online admins. And since you mentioned administrators doing it aswell, please report that to our leadership so that they can take action against said administrators. And seeing as to how my mute on those 2 guys were included in this, they weren't exactly offending anyone, they were just being annoying spamming/flooding global chat being provocative. Hope this helps.
  7. Lacia

    Epic Quotes

    (Team) G[FoXX]BLM-: just because i didnt fuck u yet doesnt mean im gay
  8. 1. Your nickname(-s): Lacia & Nyep 2. Your Discord tag: nyep#0001 3. Discuss your spent time playing in DM and HDM arenas: I'd say I'm pretty balanced between the two gamemodes having amassed over 12 days of combined playtime in both arenas. I don't prefer one over the other though. 4. Do you have previous experience in mapping and/or map testing? If you do, tell us about it: Map testing: Yes, having been a map tester & fixer for Vultaic for around a year till I left and I was the Map Manager for FoXX in the past and now I'm a map tester & fixer. Mapping: Since I've started mapping in 2014 I've released 28 maps under my current and old names. So I'd say I'm also quite experienced as a mapper. 5. Do you think you are capable of critical thinking? Yes.
  9. Lacia


    I accept we request the hope.
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