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  1. Remember you from TG times😁 Gl bro!
  2. Kirill

    Ho Ho Ho!

    Well written @N3xT, can't wait for the new Forum and Server Update :3 Welcome to our new Trials @Gare @Thomas @SantJ and @ExplO, hope you'll have a great time with us❣️ And @shiio my brother, have fun with the donor and free cash ingame bro, well deserved❤️
  3. gl lordfag, i don't want to be a "kiril", i am "kiril" ❤️
  4. Kirill

    Happy Halloween

    Congrats to everybodi ❣️ And big thanks to @Memphis for putting his time into showing me many things about wff!
  5. g00d luck (っ◠‿ ◠)っ ❤
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