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  1. Chaos

    On the Rise

    Υ'all accepted Torque after he posted that 69 video in his app? Smh head meeen. Jokes aside, congratulation new trials, make sure you abuse for us. P.s That video just got me pregnant, 18 years of child support incoming. Great work buddy @gerc
  2. That's what she said
  3. English in Local and Global chat.
  4. Spectators chat > the finals Jokes aside, congratulations fellas, great performance.
  5. Chaos


    I wish there was a dislike button, only because of that song.
  6. Started using this name because of some guy that told me that wherever I go, I cause chaos, so why the fuck not.
  7. Flavio hacking, what in the fuck
  8. This should be interesting. Best of luck to the teams.
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