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  1. S’kalove me na qeras naj kafe knej o rat, le nam hahahaha Respekte
  2. Masterpiece, gtea never fails to deliver, safe to say you're the best mapper in this community.
  3. Just me, Max and my first whip ❤️
  4. shut the fuck up bro 😘
  5. Dredd

    Summer for us!

    Can someone help this poor guy?
  6. me right = plus me left and not right left hey dor
  7. 1. DM 2. To me, HDM is, the motion of sliding, bouncing on walls, backwards, heavy control (one small mistake = fail), repeated throughout the process of the map. This question has different answers, depending on the players’ pov. 3. To be fair, a HDM map becomes easier and easier everytime u play it and train it. For example Noxious Force 1. It’s not DM, will never be. We just played it so many times the fingers know when to press the buttons lol. Or, we can all agree that after some time of the map release, depending on the times it was played, that it can be DM. So basically like a transformation of the whole map concept. Just like NF, or Zidra skills. I think the whole concept of HDM is wrong, the name at least, cuz the mode becomes easy whilst u become aware and familiar with maps in general, making the HDM arena just simple DM, for those players. PS: The dm arena should be renamed to wff.
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