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  1. ZeeT


    Oh nice new trials Welcome guys enjoy your time with us ❤️
  2. Sexy, already installed it.
  3. I saw ^^ I'm watching it rn :3
  4. hi good luck when new map records?
  5. good luck i honestly didnt understand how old u are so i'll just take the middle and believe that you are 20 years old
  6. try me. (jk pls dont) anyways good luck ^^
  7. Oh I remember that map from when HTML showed it to me, glad to see you guys finally finished it i really like the map it feels smooth and has a great flow so good job bros ❤️
  8. loved the Police LV car part, good job bro
  9. Ah yes I remember these times we used to have many fights ^^ glad to see your join request bro i wish you the best of luck ❤️
  10. In-game name: foxxzeet / foxx'-' Country: Germany Serial: B324062B5246B5E846E3DC56A39E4353 Discord: ZeeT#4518
  11. ZeeT

    [DM] ZeeT v8 Dreamland

    Totally forgot about this but if someone wants the map here is the download link https://www.mediafire.com/file/rt5riicbud4fuqu/%5BDM%5DZeeTv8Dreamland.zip/file
  12. ZeeT

    [DM] ZeeT v8 Dreamland

    thanks bro ❤️ im trying hard to improve even more (maybe some day i will release the map with ruso track i showed u)
  13. Hey Everyone it's been some time since I last released a volume. My last volume is 4 years old at the moment and overall I wasn't too happy with my v7 so I made the decision to take time and create a map that I personally enjoy and love, which is why '[DM] ZeeT v8 Dreamland' will be free to download next week, if you want the map pm me on discord: ZeeT#4518 and I will send it you. A huge thanks to @riser for recording the map ❤️ I hope you guys will enjoy the map as much as I do
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