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  1. Im back here again, with a new map with my friends SmithZ & Seeba, In this map we are inspired by the styles of those old times, I hope you enjoy them
  2. after a long wait to find a recorder that can upload my map, right here I can present my volume 10. For all who say Why does it last 7 minutes? The map lasts 7 minutes because I wanted to make a style to the DC Collections that has a map with its old versions and I did the same, Only with my styles, The styles I use are; Another Day Extreme Edition imSoulless FabricatioN Sending my Love Why the c'Fours? The meaning of map name is like this, "c" ~> Collect, "fours" ~> 4, ex: Another Day IV
  3. x6st closed and now? Xd
  4. 1. Your nickname(-s): Thenico 2. Your Discord tag: Nahuel#5772 3. Discuss your spent time playing in DM and HDM arenas: in my DM career, I have been since 2010-11, when I started playing in the maps called TARA and several old ones were one of the best mappers of those times, In the game, if there are not many people on the server, I go directly, but if it is something to fix maps or see it as it is, it would be something addictive for me because I love to see new maps and see the bugs they have, but I am active on the server depends on the time I am free, Since these times now that there is "HDM" I always understood that It must be the maps that are impossible to pass, but hey every year the game progresses to the best 4. Do you have previous experience in mapping and/or map testing? If you do, tell us about it: I suppose I have several experience of fixing maps, but if you have a problem with the scripts, this is the biggest problem sometimes in the map that you need to fix, but if you have cases of track / bounce / bugs / etc 5. Do you think you are capable of critical thinking? ye.
  5. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6331rl0c7zwjki9/[DM]iNitrekeftThenico-CULMINATE.zip/file
  6. Hey bros, i present my new feat inspired a map called Beast Mode Enjoy it! Thanks to Skynet for recording
  7. Thenico

    ft ?

    Hey guys im looking for one guy who can finish the map, Dean & ShondeX cant continue with the map Discord: Nahuel#5772
  8. Hola! After overcoming the coronavirus of 2020, I come to bring you this new version of my map, Enjoy it! https://youtu.be/YDi8MwAZXR8
  9. Hola! After my 8-year retirement from MTA, I present imSoulless 3 to you again, Enjoy! *thanks for Micra the grabación*
  10. Hola amigos, I present my new feat with guys KpaX and SebastiaN, enjoy thanks for recording map Espi!
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