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  1. wtf whitecate plays mta???
  2. Hello everyone! We'd like to start by saying thank you so much. We really appreciate all of the registrations we received, an astonishing number of 140! This is a huge number compared to the previous season of WCF. We honestly didn't expect you all to show this much interest and I can confidently say that we've outdone ourselves thanks to you. We hope that everyone is satisfied and happy with the groups that we have created, and we also hope you guys will have a lot of fun in the tournament, Best of luck to everyone! Groups and Dates Group 1 NAiiF Krlos Natsu Vildred FulLT YZZ ZeeT BurNouT Magnet Gare Date: 23rd January / 18 CET Group 2 raceR Shanks Rexon GoldeN Zichu Yusijo xLinK xLyxnn Pawni Pelixus Date: 23rd January / 20 CET Group 3 Hollyweed R2D2 sYKu SneaX ToXa FernandinhO TFKD Piry FacuP Adidas Date: 24th January / 18 CET Group 4 Anwix Ceno Karma Akinnes Nadox Dice vinny FlinT M3ssi DeRoX Date: 24th January / 20 CET Group 5 Naval MatreN Shine PoweR natz Mentos SKooD Sharik GameX DRiVeR Date: 30th January / 18 CET Group 6 Herowz SebastiaN Packa HawK m7md FeeBe Kronger Foxik Kanzy ShaDe Date: 30th January / 20 CET Group 7 Vesper MonsteR CzerkA iLuigi Hel1sh vander Psycho Xevadish Madlife Mein Date: 31st January / 18 CET Group 8 VonDusky Botond Throne ~sky Skepty nipy Chaoz Goku Tiven niim0 Date: 31st January / 20 CET Group 9 Sappfire MasTeR PCHZY Garseks CHRS Pablow Reflex stan X/dsq Blaze Date: 6th February / 18 CET Group 10 Athena JARI Facun Asency Rage xrevlis LonneX Ronaldo Synix SemiSun Date: 6th February / 20 CET Group 11 Mixhet KrmKy speed Arrow Valentino Flaky AlvarO KreeT xNUKEx Zumpax Date: 7th February / 18 CET Group 12 Facuuzz RYDER noose Tytan Flash Flavio Naxo KarNikkl SprunkZ SajgoN Date: 7th February / 20 CET Group 13 viko Neksezi RagnaroK bagio DEESK BZRK quashy xYuRi Lost xActiOn Date: 13th February / 18 CET Group 14 CascaDe Buskety Hayden SeKtoR Shacle Koala Sheldon Mattic Fekon ManuZ Date: 13th February / 20 CET P.S: If you are not able to play on the day your group was scheduled, feel free to contact me after you agree with another player to swap groups. Yours faithfully, raceR & WCF Organization.
  3. In-game name: raceR Country: Hungary Serial: C6D81B33EF88ED00C1171F5207F32124 Discord: raceR#0796
  4. Nickname(s), real name, age and location My name is Benedek ingame known as Racer, I'm from Hungary and I am 17 years old. Tell us a bit about your MTA journey I started playing MTA in 2013 if I recall correctly, on ffs. Firstly, I started off with playing DD and Race. However it didn't take long to find a hungarian DM server called "GoD". I started playing more and more. I started making friends and the game got more enjoyable for me. At the time I met CHRS, he motivated me to train HDM maps and made me play on other servers aswell, such as xS, XpR, TfF (these were the largest servers at the time). I've joined several smaller clans, however none of them lasted more than a few weeks. In 2016 I made a join request to XpR, unfortunately at first I didn't get accepted, but on my second attempt I made it into the clan. I was there for roughly 2 years, which no doubt were my best years in MTA, but the atmosphere in the clan started changing and didn't feel like I'm in the same clan, so I decided to leave. I was thinking of joining another clan, but I kinda started playing less and less MTA. Just a month after I left, I made a join request to Vultaic, which got accepted. I was in the clan for about 6 months(?), but I kinda felt like I didn't belong there, so I left. I also wanted playing clan wars so that's one of the reasons I left Vultaic, however we played one cw against FoXX which ended up being a win, but the cw was rushed and not properly organized and on the top of that none of the Vultaic members took it seriously. After I left I applied 7m and got accepted, hoping I'll be able to play more clan wars. Well, that didn't work out since I neglected MTA, I was focusing on other games and some other reasons. 7m closed, I didn't play MTA for months and now I'm back at the game again hoping I can find the fun that's left in the game. Previous clans and reasons for leaving |-XpR-| - Left after 2 years, as much as I loved this clan, I had to leave for several reasons, mentioned above. Vultaic - Left after 6 months, due to inactivity. 7m - Closed. Why do you want to be a part of our family? Well it's been almost a year since I was in a clan that had an actual community. One of the reasons why I want to join is finding the leftover fun in this game and maybe get to know some new people. Which is the way you can help us to reach the top? I can help you by administrating the server and helping the players. I could help you out on clan wars, since I consider myself a pretty good player (I mostly excel in HDM but nowhere near as I used to be years ago). I think with some effort I could get back my skills and become a really helpful cw player of yours. What social media do you use? Discord: raceR#0796 Additional information 😳 Thank you for reading! 😳
  5. wtf.. noone can provoke the best osu player, please ban that arrogant bastard asap. thank you
  6. In-game name: raceR Country: Hungary Serial: DCA84655BF0B727A60BD285B0BDC0144 Discord: raceR#0796
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