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  2. FataL

    Mapping FataL v10

    Yo ladies and gentleman. I've been thinking for a long time. Should I share this video or nah? So yea as you can see I've decided to share it with you guys. If someone is interested in spectating someone doing decorations - here you go. And If you're not intered in it.. then just don't watch it and ignore it. Thank you! 🙂 Hope you have a great day/evening whatever. Cya! Stay safe and healthy.
  3. Prooooooooooo!!! I really enjoyed watching the video. Looking forward to play the map! :3 Great job broskis
  4. Great map bros! Looking forward to play the map later. @CzerkA PRO HELP!!!!
  5. Hey guys Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you had a great start for 2021. And also Thank you all for everything. I came back to mta last year after a break of 3 maybe even 4 years. I don't really remember actually. So Thanks to @ZeeT for bringing me back. I met a lot of old friends again and also made new friends. There are so many things which happened last year. I became a part of this amazing community. I joined FoXX, came back to mapping(smh about the mapping part) and so on. A big thanks to whole FoXX Team and the community! I had a great time last year because of you. And I hope this year will be even better. (When fatal challenge 2.0?!?!?!) So yea actually all I wanted to say is thank you, everyone who's reading this and a Happy New Year! We'll rock 2021 !!! Now here 1 hour and 20 mins of pure magic.
  6. FataL

    stan - Overdrive II

    Aaaand one more map, which I will never be able to finish.. But parts are looking sick tho! Great job!
  7. damn that record is sick. Great job Tick! Already told you guys about the map. Amazing! 🥰
  8. cool map! 🙂 Looking forward to play it! 😛
  9. yo wtf that's actually dope af XD
  10. Amazing map bro! Parts are looking sick af! ft?
  11. FataL

    Miketz - Rerun

    Mapazo! Great map, bro! ❤️
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