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  1. Literally one of your best maps bro! Keep it up. I'm pretty sure you will find the right partner to finish this beauty. Good luck! 🙂 ❤️
  2. damn. great job! Map is astonishing!
  3. sick mapazo! Great job guys. Looking forward to play it. Also gerc damn amazing edit, bro! ❤️
  4. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, today I would like to introduce you my latest map, "Chasmic 2". I hope you enjoy the map like I enjoyed mapping on this. Also I would like to thank @CzerkA and @MatreN for helping me out in a few parts. @DarkyZ for testing the map and giving me his honest opinion. @Lacia for helping me via Discord Livestream. And also very big THANK YOU goes to my trainee @ZeeT for searching that one little object, which no one knew the name of. Also much love to @gerc! I just finished the map today and it's insane that he finished the video few hours later! ❤️ Thank you!
  5. Great vol.1 mate! 🙂 Sad, you didn't add much decorations at the last few parts .. But It seems like a cool and playable vol.1. Keep it up bro! 😉 Looking forward to play the map and also to see more of your projects in the future! About the record, is it just me or is the quality not that good as in all of your other videos? 😕 Anyways still a good record.^^
  6. FataL

    On the Rise

    GZ to the new trials! ❤️ @Torque when new twerk party? ❤️
  7. Map looks great! Good Job. About the record.. gerc you never disappoint. I love it ❤️
  8. FataL

    Wassup ?

    Hey! Welcome. Enjoy your stay here 🙂
  9. Hi all! Here's another astonishing map! Literally the best map ever! Hope you enjoyed my pro edit and the pro map! Cya!
  10. FataL

    Summer for us!

    Congratz new trials! Very well written thread.
  11. Lovely map! It was a pleasure to play the map before release! Also great job Gerc. Very nice edit
  12. FataL

    Moving in

    Welcome guys! 🙂 Also congratz to the new trials!
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