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  1. DarkyZ

    Ho Ho Ho!

    Finally some news! Glad to see some new faces in the team after a long break especially SantJ. Can't wait for the new forum/server, keep it lads ❤️ @N3xT u kinda cute ngl -.-
  2. fakin weeb Q.Q

  3. Instant accept this gay ❤️ gl bru
  4. Let's GO!! Things are starting to get serious, waiting for FoXX vs XpR doe ❤️ Good luck to all the teams, gonna one hell of a semi-finals, vamos!! @Rexon mvp or gay
  5. this is probably your best map yet @SajgoN2, well done ❤️ pchzy cutie
  6. DarkyZ


    Hey there! Use the correct format while reporting a player or an admin, if the format is not followed, the report is considered Invalid. Follow this format and try again. Cheers!
  7. always enjoyed your maps, looking good as always ^^ !
  8. nakive always gay but also nice @Tick u gay recorder ❤️
  9. very many funny video, like and subscribe !!!!
  10. Holy shit, the record and the map are both incredible ❤️ Well done indeed!
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