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  1. Joel best in Last of us and in WFF ❤️
  2. Hola cuties! Happy to share this lovely map that I made with @dnlk & @snafi. Hopefully you'll enjoy this calm vibe map! Huge thanks to Exade for recording this! Show him some love with a sub ❤️
  3. Added stream link & fixed ref names. GG's to both teams, I really enjoyed myself even with 1 point ;pp. love ya eP cuties ❤️
  4. This looks pretty cute, I love how it displays information about ranks etc when you hover over each arena. GJ cutie! ps: ur garage design was fire
  5. Happo birthday qiddo

  6. Holy fuck thats amazing:ooo
  7. Let me explain, MVP is decided on how many higher placements you have in the match. Abyss having 4 (1st Placements) got him the MVP.
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