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  1. Well played both eP and FoXX. I had the chance to watch the match stream with my girlfriend's commentary. It was one hell of an intense, enjoyable and immersive match. I'm proud of all of you my homies.
  2. Referee Application Format We are looking for responsible, professional, experienced and most importantly active referees. If you think that you got all these traits/assets and that you are ready for the challenges, feel free to post your application by following this format: Thread title: [Fast5] <Your nickname>' Referee Application Nickname: Location: Are you an experienced Referee? If so can you tell us about your experiences?: You must answer all of these questions in English and as clear as possible. In case of being accepted as a referee, we consider you accepting all the responsibilities that we'll give you. In case of not showing up in two matches that you were called as referee, you'll be kicked out from the referee team and you will not be rewarded with the referee prizes. Good luck! CzerkA & FoXX Leadership.
  3. With the ending of Tour-5, Group Stage will be completed. And Top-4 teams from both of the groups will qualify for the play-offs. Rosters will be unlocked before the start of play-offs, so the teams will be able to edit their rosters. Dates Group A eP, FoXX, FOTL, uF, INT ____________________________ Tour 3 eP vs FoXX - 19.09 18 CEST uF vs FOTL - 19.09 21 CEST ______________ Tour 4 FOTL vs eP - 26.09 18 CEST INT vs uF - 26.09 21 CEST ______________ Tour 5 FoXX vs FOTL - 03.10 18 CEST eP vs INT - 03.10 21 CEST Group B XpR, xN, xZ, i2K, M ____________________________ Tour 3 i2K vs xZ - 20.09 18 CEST XpR vs xN - 20.09 21 CEST ______________ Tour 4 M vs i2K - 27.09 18 CEST XpR vs xZ - 27.09 21 CEST ______________ Tour 5 xZ vs xN - 04.10 18 CEST XpR vs M - 04.10 21 CEST Maplist for Tour 3-4 Will be added when teams pick their maps. 1- iRaven v3 - Memories Never Fade (xZ) 2- LeJon - Special for TG (FOTL) 3- Gteatero - Insidious deeps II (eP) 4- Gerc v.11 - Human Experience (FOTL) 5- DeLeTe v13 - Romance (:M#) 6- SikariO v2 - Slip (i2K) 7- ImpacT ft. Martin - Relentless Fury (INT) 8- Scorex - Incendiary (INT) 9- Darmos v3 Gracious Goodness(xN) 10- Bright v6 - Derogatory (eP) 11- iNitreke ft. Thenico - CULMITATE (:M#) 12- BreAkeR v7 - Almost Perfect 2 (i2K) 13- Darmos v8 - Disfigure(FoXX) 14- BenjaZ v4 - Ultraviolence(FoXX) 15- ShondeX v10 - Notorious Ability (XpR) 16- Squadron+ - v1 - Fairy Speed (uF) 17- CascaDe v2 - Revengeance (XpR) 18- Silverfox v3 - Ember (xZ) 19- Rampage ft. RuSO ft. Goku - Overedge (uF) 20- Shatterland (xN) ____________________________________________________ Hope everything goes well, and we create a good, fair, competitive and most importantly enjoyable atmosphere. We wish all the luck to the participant teams. Yours Faithfully, Czerka & FoXX Leadership.
  4. Well, it's a common thing that is known by everyone in the WFF scene, its the MVP of the match not MVP of the winner team that is shown on the topic. Three of the people have the same amount of points, what makes one different than the others is that one has higher amount of finishing a map as first.
  5. Abyss is four time 1st whilst you and Sebas are two times 1st.
  6. Unbanned under custody. In case of your nickname being called out in any kind of trouble, your punishment will return. Welcome back, try to stay away from your past mistakes and prevent making them happen again.
  7. Thanks Rhae, it's a great record I appreciate it.
  8. The long wait has ended, and we're finally ready to progress onto the next stage which is to start playing the games! Huge thanks go to @N3xT and @NeXuS™ for their hard work, they managed to create a smooth, unique and elegant CW/Tournament server in such limited time, Also a huge thanks goes to @Zoilo who had a huge part in designing the server. Dates of the matches will be published every two tour, so when we're done with tour 1 and 2, Tours 3-4 topic will arrive with the maplist. For your information, four of the teams will play from both of the groups each week, and a team will rest, and will play the lacking tour next week, so that means a team will come from behind. Dates Group A eP, FoXX, FOTL, uF, INT ____________________________ Tour 1 eP vs uF - 29.08 18 CEST FoXX vs INT - 29.08 21 CEST ______________ Tour 2 uF vs FoXX - 05.09 18 CEST INT vs FOTL - 05.09 21 CEST ______________ Group B XpR, xN, xZ, i2k, M ____________________________ Tour 1 XpR vs i2k - 30.08 18 CEST xN vs M - 30.08 21 CEST ______________ Tour 2 i2k vs xN - 06.09 18 CEST xZ vs M - 06.09 21 CEST ______________ Maplist for Tour 1-2 [DM] GuilhermE ft Nataam ft AquiL - Surface II (INT) [HDM] NikotiN ft Esp4wN - Breathe of Skills (XpR) [DM] CzerkA ft Shacle - Holocaust (i2k) [DM] DRiVeR ft Viskuz ft AquiL - Presage 3 (xz) [DM] Cookie ft Fastcola - Edge Of The World (i2k) [DM] R1KUZ - v2 - Flabbergasted (INT) [DM] PCHZY ft. AquiL - Vinewood (xN) [DM] Gteatero - Noxious Force 1 (XpR) [DM] Tarin ft Skaarj ft Miketz - Outer Reaches (x6st) [DM] Sentax ft Jil ft Gonzi ft Slimy - Shatterland (xz) [DM] FakeDeath - v.10 - Indestructible (x6st) [DM] Frankz Vol.8 Ashalas Fury (:M#) [DM] Gus v.7 - Needed Skill (FOTL) [DM] Nataam ft. DRiVeR - Promises (xN) [DM] Pablow ft Gerc ft Esp4wN - Out of time (FoXX) [HDM] Gteatero - Mischievous (eP) [DM] VantaGe ft Deadline ft Royce - Dreary Mountains (FoXX) [DM] ShondeX ft Chipy - Driving on the heights (eP) [DM] Krzysztof - Mimesis (:M#) [DM] WW v.1 - Inferno Rush (FOTL) Hope everything goes well, and we create a good, fair, competitive and most importantly enjoyable atmosphere. We wish all the luck to the participant teams. Yours Faithfully, Czerka & FoXX Leadership.
  9. To be honest, this is a great topic to be discussed. Recently, a lot of people complaining over some maps in DM Regular. For Instance, Zidra Skillz 2. In my opinion, maps like Zidra Skillz 1-2 can be considered as Regular DM maps since at least to me they are just hard tricky regulars. If Zidra 2 is HDM then what is Unmatched? or Overdose? or New Age? People started to think that if you only have to use "W,A,S,D" its regular but if you need to use some other buttons like "SPACE+A" and many other combinations, then it is HDM. I don't agree with this way of thinking. I think it would be appropriate to say there are levels in each section. Hard DM(PSP2, Simas v9, Zidra 2 and Easy DM(Maps like Presage, EoS and so on). In addition to that, HDM also has levels like real hard HDM(Progressive Torture, Overdose, Unmatched Player, New Age) or easy HDM(Breathe of Skills and many other maps like Breathe of Skills)
  10. CzerkA


    Good Luck
  11. wtf chill i noticed the cut you did on 1:16 relax hhhhhhhhh noob
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