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  1. Nickname(s), real name, age and location: Hello, my name is Kaedwan in the game. My real name Semih, my surname Sezer. I am 21 years old, living in Turkey/Zonguldak. Tell us a bit about your MTA journey: I started with mta in 2012/13, I was playing dm but of course I had no knowledge in the beginning but then I learned to play by playing bad🙂 then I entered my first clan, ffg clan First I met RedHot, who gave me the ffg clan, then I saw the Twisted Gamers server and started spending more time there and then I got more interested in dm. I used to play mta every day, I was a very active player, I have been in the history of mta for about 8 years. For some reason I hadn't played for 3 years. When I got back I saw this great foxx server and it restarted me to the game. Previous clans and reasons for leaving: -ffg- (Separation) -i2K- ( I left for FoXX jr) uF// United Force (Left) Why do you want to be a part of our family? Foxx presenter looked pretty good to me and I love to play here. Foxx managers are kind, friendly and helpful. I realized that I saw a good family atmosphere and wanted to join them. I don't know how JR will turn out, maybe you won't accept it, maybe you will accept but I sent jr to join this family, good evening 🙂 Which is the way you can help us to reach the top? I am a very active player, I gave my years to this game, but after a long time I came back again. I may have forgotten some things but it's okay I can spend a lot of time helping our friends. Have you ever had any fights with one of our members? If so why and with who? Friends don't fight with each other 🙂 I didn't fight with anyone What social media do you use? instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp and Discord Additional information? I didn't join many clans as I don't like to travel from clan to clan, but for the first time I left the i2k clan to join this clan, hopefully luck will be on me. I spend almost most of my day at MTA, I have no problem with time I love everyone, best regards Kaedwan.❤️
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