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  1. Download: https://mega.nz/file/CiYQARgb#5rvZY0UtN1Uxl9msQ61LY-din3ZsfkoHmwqqjYD2zBE Feel free to use this map on any server except FFS Gaming.
  2. In-game nick: lecc/05 Serial: D22D5BCBD5F0ADA0292912172BA73584 Contact: BlackSpider35#9198 Idea: Match 3 (Pretty much stuff like Bejeweled 3) I've already made of this, which is playable in the FoXX training arena as "[Training] Le'CC - Rat Match". Currently working on a more refined version with some bugs fixed (like vehicle floating up) and a better game overall. Should be up in a few days, or at least before new years I guess. No clue how this could be integrated as an event of some sort, wff bejeweled lol Current online version:
  3. function SnowUpdate(fElapsedTime, snow) local target = snow.position+Vector3(0,0,-1); --print(target); local cameraPosition = Vector3(getCameraMatrix()); target.x = target.x+math.sin(snow.lifeTime*0.02)*2; target.y = target.y+math.cos(snow.lifeTime*0.02)*2; snow.position = Vector.Lerp(snow.position, target, fElapsedTime*5); if(snow.position.z<0)then snow.enabled = false; end snow.occluded = not isLineOfSightClear(snow.position.x,snow.position.y,snow.position.z, cameraPosition.x, cameraPosition.y, cameraPosition.z, true, true, true, true, true, true, true); if(not snow.occluded)then snow.alpha = math_lerp(snow.alpha, 1, fElapsedTime*15); else snow.alpha = math_lerp(snow.alpha, 0, fElapsedTime*25); end end
  4. Expected upload date: Before this post was made.. Accepted Went on and made this mess. Hate it or love it. Credits: Simas[FoXX], -[XPR]-CHRS Cybercriminals Music: ZIZZ STUDIO - Sabbath Itou Kanako - Song of Saya Itou Kanako - Shoes of Glass (All OST from Saya no Uta) Infernus: vM1cra v1
  5. lecc

    Happy Halloween

    @xSimas crun
  6. (Could be moved to bugs, doesnt matter tho) As it currently looks to me, toptimes are identified by both account and serial. On map start, it recognizes toptimes by account and thus sends a chat message stating u have some toptime. The /rt command however seems to rely on serial, rather than account (given I started using a different PC during my ban). I have since been unable to rename toptimes I made on the old serial. I suggest handling it on account check, not serial (or a hybrid of some sorts idk) Consistency pls
  7. lecc

    Summer for us!

    fuck u for helping zoilo troll me and chrs l7 new home lets go snipers next move, ban clans participating in this? 🤡
  8. Serial: CA74580F89D45506C39EEACCD19A45B2 When were you banned/muted: June 11 (But continuation from April 5) What was the reason for your punishment: Obnoxious and racist behaviour/autism For how long you have been banned/muted: 999 Days (Permanent) Additional Text: (Considering the circumstances from yesterday and the day before, disregard the "Last try" in my previous request) First part is mostly repeating my first unban request. In my previous request I stated the reason for my behaviour. While not entirely untrue, I did realize I went overboard and that I did harm to several FoXX members and disrupted the chat + Discord. Wednesday (June 10), I requested an unban in the clanwar server. One admin responded to it, and unbanned me. None of the FoXX online (higherups included) at the time opposed to this (several were most definitely active as well). While I was unbanned and online, I adhered to the server rules. However, yesterday, when I was online, another admin banned me right away without warning or questioning. Even if an admin is unaware of my unban, is it really okay to permanently ban me (what if it were someone just jokingly using the name). I took that to the chatbox, resulting in nothing (expected, but still) but the requirement of this unban request. (I even get a warning for disrespect when calling out an questionable ban?). I'll make this point again: "Since it would be pointless to put a murderer who got his freedom back after spending years in imprisonment back in jail". Make years into months for my case. I have been unbanned twice now just to get near-instant permanent ban afterwards. Even if not all admins are aware of another admin's actions, I believe a new chance should be justified in these cases. My behaviour has changed since, I will not insult any FoXX member, or anyone for that matter (unless it's completely for the fun and the other party is with me) and will refrain from being provoked in situations that could cause this. Was my behaviour really worth a permanent ban from a server? I am sorry for abusing the n-word that time, and insulting several FoXX members. I hope you reconsider unbanning me this time. Thanks for reading, LeCC No rat this time.
  9. lecc

    LeCC Unban Request

    Nickname: lecc Serial: CA74580F89D45506C39EEACCD19A45B2 When were you banned/muted: April 5th, 2020 What was the reason for your punishment: Autism For how long you have been banned/muted: 999 Days Additional Text: Several attempts from me to convince leadership to unban me (directly and through FoXX team) all led to the same result of requiring me to request unban via forum. So here I am. While I clearly was obnoxious with my actions a month ago, I do not regret it. I had my boredom thanks to the whole pandemic ordeal, causing me and another individual (you know who) making mayhem in chat (and Discord for a bit afterwards). I do not intend to pull these shenanigans again in normal or global chat, as well as any collision or argument with a FoXX team member. One thing I was annoyed by is the way this got handled. You first ban me for a week (fine, it's fair), however after the ban expired, I (we actually) got nearly instantaneously confronted with the current 999 day ban, even though nothing that would justify that happened. That's all. Last try. If denied, ya'll win. With best regards, LeCC Here's an image of a rat.
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