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  1. First os clanwar since a long time, we should improve 2much but was a good score for start ggwp both teams
  2. GGWP i2k and gratz int last cw from this year we have a large way to improve and get in top 5 , but we are going, i hope we start so good our 11th year alive and active 💞
  3. Worst spawn for us but with this humble team we managed to the win, thx ciffon for being ref again and ggwp Zs
  4. Thanks to Dx team for the perfect cw atmosphere and the best organisation ( toxa ) Keep it guys well played.
  5. Great performance from all of our team but zichu ? Beast Polak lovin you ggwp
  6. @M3ssi#uF ggwp pro Next time talk a bit lesss 😂
  7. Really proud of my clanmates awesome effort to beat our old classic rival like fotl, ggwp About retards that keep saying things like " they showed us that are not only noobs" 2009/2020(we never closet it😂) its int we got bad moments and others really good ones but always here giving fight, when you get this loyality always in the same team with the same family pm me 🤙
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