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  1. • Nickname: hayxpeR! • Real name: Maksim • Country: Russia • Gender: male • How old are you?: 16 • Your Contact (Skype, Discord etc.): discord " hayxpeR!#1691 " • Introduce yourself : My name is Maxim, I am 16 years old. I love playing GTA:SA and SA:MP and also play GTA 5. I started playing MTA in 2015. I started playing with drift servers. Then I learned about DM in MTA. My first DM server is FoXX. I played there for a long time, then a lot of people left it and came to lumiverse, then I went after them. I learned about this clan both in the game and on the forum. • For how long have you been playing MTA? Tell us a bit about your journey: I started playing with a Russian drift server. I have played on many such servers. Then I learned about DM in MTA. I went to play on FoXX. I found out about lumiverse, and moved back to the new server. I also played on DayZ servers. • Which type of maps do you usually play?: dm / os • Previous clans (please provide a valid reason for leaving each clan): ----- • Why would you like to join INT? (at least 20 words): So, let's start with the fact that I went to lumiverse, and saw this clan, or rather the players in this clan. I saw that they play well, why am I worse? So I decided to apply to join the clan. • How could you contribute to our team? (at least 20 words): I am very friendly, I can contribute with friendliness to show the clan a good side. I also know how to play DM well.
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