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  1. It wasn't a joke lol. Well he is good to me so idk
  2. ok sorry can someone delete this
  3. What is your Name/Nickname, age and location? My name is Filip. In the game I am called Filipy. I am 21 years old. I am originally from Lithuania but Iive in Ireland. What job are you applying for? I am applying for mod/ Admin role. Tell us a bit about your career at MTA:SA: Well I am playing mta for 6 years. I joined the server called Mr GreenGaming server in 2014. I played in that server nearly 6 years now. After I quit I joined a new server called Brotherhood. I was an Mod/Admin there and nobody has ever said anything bad about me and how I do my job. But the problem was that there were not many people joining, so my friend advised me to join Foxx server and i actually really enjoy it. Friendly people, funny aswell. The staff especially Ciffon is a really good admin and he does his job properly. Why would you like to be part of our family? I want to be part of the family because I want to help the community to grow. I have experience of being a Mod/Admin. I would do my best doing my job. I would treat all people the same and it would not matter to me if that player is my friend or not. If someone breaks the rule, the player gets punished. What would you bring to the team? Well I am not too sure if there are Lithuanian staff but if there are none I would help the staff to talk to Lithuanian players to make sure that they would not break any rules. Of course aswell i would make always fair and correct decisions. Additional information about me: I am a quiet player. I am active mostly on weekends because from Monday to Friday I work. I will be a donator for this server soon. I don't insult or provoke other players aswell.
  4. Honestly this is the quickest time i ever seen in my life completing a map in 21 secs. How is that even possible lol. Look at the time top difference between t1 and t2
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