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  1. - Personal presentation (name, Nickname, age, current location): Hello! My name is Pavel, in-game nickname - hvooya (more known as streakz). I’m 18 y/o and live in Russia. I’m a big fan of Dark Souls game siries and big music lover. Also, i’m improving myself as a graphic designer. - Tell us about yourself (Story of your career in MTA): Well, i don't have any long or special story ;p. I've started playing in 2013 at some Minigames and Freeroam servers. It was a times when i was playing because of my friends and MTA didn't really interested me. After a while, i decided to start playing this game mainly because i've seen some videos on YouTube. It was toptimes compilation on Mr.GreenGaming race server. And, that was fun! My first toptimes and car control was just terrible to look, but this was a great inspiration to keep improving my skills. But this idyll was ruined by my PC that died ;/ I got it back after almost 5 months. Some of servers that i was playing just lose their online, some of them get close to death... But, I saw a ray of light called GTA.Ru DM server, and my career as DM player starts at this point (good old times, as everyone said ;c). This gamemode let me met my current friends (and i will be always thankful for them <3), learn at least basic english knowledge, and of course improve my in-game skills. At the end of 2018, i decided to take a brake. I was about to study and honestly, got a little bored of playing. But now, i’m back with a fresh look at game and want to improve even more! - Clans in which you have been: - St. Saints - Member/Designer - Closed - 7M Seventh Miracle - Member/Discord Manager (Sometimes designer) - Left - mP’ Master Players - Trial/Designer - Closed - #Z Zenosyne - Member/Designer - Closed - iW// Iron Will - Member - Left - M# Maelstrom - Member - Left - What are your goals in "Zeitgeist": My main goal right now is to improve my designer skills and refresh my in-game skills. And of course meet new friends! Chit-chating will help me with my terrible english :D. Thank you for reading my join request! My contacts: Discord - hvooya#4206 Skype - sitin2002
  2. What happened?: So, me and my friend are having this strange bug with server UI. We never expirienced it before on any server. I was already trying different languages but it still wont work properly, so i guess its a bug. (Our region is Russia) When did it happen? (exact time if possible): - Screenshot/video: https://i.imgur.com/asgUgJ4.jpg
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