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  1. LOL THIS IS EPIC, good luck bro! Best youtuber!
  2. Correctly, thanks for additional explanation !
  3. Nickname(s), real name, age and location My nickname is Rohen, real name is Hwibin-Lim, i 19-years old, korean age is 21. i live in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Tell us a bit about your MTA journey I started to play mta in 2011, the first server I played was GPU (Gaming Players United), I have spent a lot of time on this server. by the way, this server was closed, so i moved to play FFS (For Fuck Sake) on 2012. I hit a lot of Enter keys to improve my DM Skills there, and after running all the way, I cleared DC v10 - Fuck You All. After a lot of time, I met Korean DM friends at SAMP 0.3D in 2015 and moved to TG Server and enjoyed it together. While spending a lot of time at TG Server, I briefly left mta to study in 2017 and returned to mta at the end of 2018. After returning, I was continuing my activities with GeMi and Roddy at TG Server, where TG was closed in 2020. After TG closed, the game continues to be played at FoXX. Previous clans and reasons for leaving [UVA] (Ultimate Vite Assasins) (Member) (2011~2013) - Left I left Clan as a reason to continue my studies. ~oP' (Phenomenal Ones) (Member) (2015~2015) - Left It was a really good Clan, but the Clan itself wasn't very active and I left the clan after hard work. [Z] (Zera Racing) (Founder & Developer & Head Mapper) (2015~2019) - Closed It was the Server I was running mainly Koreans. Since MTA SA DM is not well known to Koreans, there are not many users, so the server was closed. s1# (Simply First) (Member) (2020~2021) - Left s1's friends are really good friends. However, I decided to leave s1 to achieve my goal, FoXX support. Why do you want to be a part of our family? FoXX is the Server and Team that gave me a new playing experience. FoXX members always approached users with a good heart and maintained a good relationship. I want to help new users as well as existing users using FoXX when they are having difficulties. I hope that all FoXX players have a good experience in the Server because of me, and I hope that it helps to improve the quality of FoXX. Which is the way you can help us to reach the top? I am confident in video editing and English. If I become a member, I want to create a video using good content from FoXX and achieve good harmony with FoXX players. Besides, I am also confident in Mapping. You can create a good map by forming a ft with numerous Mappers playing FoXX. I am active in the community and on the server, and can solve the difficulties of many users. Lastly, I am strong on HDM, so I can help FoXX do a good job in clan war. Have you ever had any fights with one of our members? If so why and with who? It has never happened and will never happen. xD What social media do you use? Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2TvMjS6cqR1eaxRfNdOrrw Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/etern1ty_rn/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006183334702 GitHub - https://github.com/rohen1997 Twitter - https://twitter.com/etern1ty_rn Discord - Rohen#2797 Additional information (if needed) If you have any questions about me, ask through all social media or use PM on Server.🤪
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