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  1. 1. Nickname / Location / Personal info: My name is Mike, in-game nick Mike<~. I am 20 years old and from germany. This year i started my first job as machine cooperater. In my freetime i love to go Fishing!!:) 2. Previous Clans My first clan was v8 but it got closed after just 1 year My second clan was SKC where i was a Member for about 2 years My third clan was 7M where i was a Member for about 1 year 3. Your MTA career I started to play MTA in 2012 on server called "GTO" that was Freeroam/Clan server after a few months i stumbled across FFS where i found the gamomode Race DM for myself for the first time. i fell in love and played for a quite long time on there. After that i started to play on SKC only. It is more like a chill server with a nice community. After grinding ranks on SKC from pleb < follower < DJ < lamemod < Member i realized that i want to play a bit more competitively so i worte a jr to 7M ang got accepted. Now i started to hard-train maps and cw´s where alot of fun! Sadly to this time i got a bad hand injury and stopped playing. As this was not enough i also got my first gf... so gaming went just downhill from there. Now im fully recoverd and have my gf under control! 4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you? I would love to play competitively again. I am sure not the best but also not worthless :). Also i would love to reunite with the Family again! I would love to meet new people and i´m pretty sure that this will be the case in eP! 5. Contact My Dsicord: xIceTube#5947 My Skype: michi111555 6. Something to add(optional) Thank you for reading! I hope to hear from you guys in the Future! See you guys!
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