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    Congratulations @snafi & @Athena 🙂
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    Good Luck Bro ❤️ Pass Ageless Void inc.
  4. Your In-game nick: Zei What genre of music will you mostly play?: Classic songs, Old/New Songs, Modern songs currently. Discord: Zei#0624 What time and which days are you planning to stream?: I can stream when I enter the server.
  5. For Download: https://www.dosya.tc/server9/f33ctq/DM_RedKnight_Earthquake_.zip.html
  6. Nickname(s), real name, age and location: My nickname xiRace, the real Amer Mohsen, I'm from Israel, I'm 14 years old. Tell us a bit about your MTA journey: I started play MTA since 5 years old in 2014, I was at the time don't know anything in the game I was just play what my friends play, after a 2 years same as it is I start find a new gamemodes I found the DM gamemode this one was in FFS I started play it but I wasn't a good player because it was my begins in the DM it took me a long time to become a good player after then I found Vultaic server I played on it but its closed. Previous clans and reasons for leaving: Scary_Killers , Kicked , Closed Aurora , Member , Kicked. Why do you want to be a part of our family? Because Foxx family have a really good members and they friendly with all, and another reason that I want back and play CW and WFF. Which is the way you can help us to reach the top? I can play CW but in Hunter not well. What social media do you use? Discord Amer 12#9929 What social media do you use? Nothing, But I hope you like my Jr.
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