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  1. Hello Guys! I'm back with a new map, it's my Vol.7 called "For the love of Creshez II" As you guys maybe know, my last map - my Vol.6 "For the love of Creshez 1" got released in 2015. Now I'm proud that I can present you the 2nd Version. Video Thank you @Relax for this great record. A litle story: I began this map in 2017, therefore I had another Volume 7 with 2 mins of deco and track. After I got inactive, the map got deleted this took my motivation. I just made a spawn and keept the map for years. As I came back to MTA - 2020 April - I started mapping again at this Map, and I'm happy to release it now. It's kinda different than CresheZ maps, I know that. I don't wanted to copy anything, he's just my inspiration. I hope you like it. Greetings [T]riX^
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