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  1. In-game name: :oKronger~ Country: Brazil Serial: B7812F27F75C4CCB7FA713E4A971A042 Discord: Kronger#7958
  2. 1. Personal presentation: Hello, my name is Wesley. In the game my name is Kronger, I am nineteen years old and currently live in Brazil. Nice to meet you! 2. Tell us about yourself: I will summarize my story, I have been playing MTA since 2009. I started at ffs, playing oldschool, after two years I went to UNG, I started playing in a more advanced mode there, and from there I evolved through several clans and gaining experience and being known among the players until I got to xpr and from there I continued until 2019 making maps and competing a lot, then I stopped playing for a few years and here I am back. 3. Clans in which you have been: xR - closed Efe - Closed UnG - Closed DsT - Closed xpr - had stopped playing MTA. 4. What are your goals in "Zeitgeist": I want to evolve, helping the clan to grow, helping in competitions, among other things 5. How can we contact you: Mr.W#7948
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