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  1. Nickname(s), real name, age and location: Flamez , Pedro Pereira , Im 21 years old and i live in Portugal Tell us a bit about your MTA journey: Well, I started playing MTA in 2009/2010, I started playing through my older brother who was playing at the time, so I decided to hold on to the game and until today I never let go, I've been to several clans, some of them very well recognized and big, and I always liked to play DM / HDM, because I was never really interested in other game modes within the MTA itself, so I continue to fight every day to be better and to keep it that way for more years! Previous clans and reasons for leaving: | 3R | Elite Racers - I left due to a problem of racism and lack of respect from other members SHC // Small Hustlers Crew - I was admitted to the hospital for 6 months because of a health problem so I was taken off due to inactivity AiR | Awesomes in Air - The clan itself had problems and decided to close so I ended up running out of clan LxG // Latin Xtreme Gamers - I was at LxG until its closing date, even if there were attempts to return it was not possible then the clan was closed Why do you want to be a part of our family? Well, to begin with I already knew certain members of Fox, not just now, but already known a few years ago and I know they are people of respect and pure friendship, I always liked to represent a good clan and show what I am worth and I would like to do for Foxx, I know that foxx has a good environment, friendly people and a strong enough leadership to be able to help with whatever is needed and be comfortable within the Clan Which is the way you can help us to reach the top? I like to focus on one thing and try to reach the maximum level in it, do whatever it takes to make sure everything is done well and at first, above all I hope to be able to help in my loyalty to the clan itself and also to all the members already present in it , I want to learn and be recognized within it after some time after being present in the clan, I always liked to help other people present within the clan itself and also available to help other people outside the clan, however I know how to give some touches to the configuration in the mta itself and also some problems or new solutions on the Web / Forum if necessary. Have you ever had any fights with one of our members? If so why and with who? No, I never had any problem with any foxx member, in fact I have a lot of funny moments with some members and I keep them all with great affection, so I hope to continue! What social media do you use? Discord - Pyzi #6731 Skype - Andre23376 Whatsapp - Will be given if needed Additional information (if needed): I hope you are all well, I know we are not in an easy time, take care. A hug, Flamez!
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