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  1. Hey guys, nothing much to say, I just thought of making another frag movie since I haven't made one in like three months or maybe even more, hope you'll enjoy and feedback is welcome! Infernus mod used in the video, courtesy of NoHear.
  2. · T-Name: onyx gorillas · T-Logo: · T-Leader (with serial): onyx.VarieN - 927C28E418B00E4F1A943293221F98B4 · T-Members (with serials): onyx.SherazPapi - 2D9824548549C813B2EA4EE287D23793 onyx.Nani - 4045028B2C704F7C6BF2BD483FE68544
  3. varien


    1. The anti-kmz script Removing anti-kmz script from CTF, yes, removing it, I've seen many people say that if we remove it it is a game breaking thing and as a matter of fact it is not, as someone who has been playing shooter for over 6 years now and shooter became an area of my expertise I can say that kmz is one of the most important parts of shooter gamemode and anti-kmz script is not doing any good, especially in CTF because of the small bases that literally every map has and you can not really defend while having to measure the distance you need to make so the shot will actually hit and that is pretty risky if you would ask me, anyway I suggest removing it cause it does not really work good and shooter without kmz is like going to a food restaurant and not eating meat. Heres a video 2. Reducing the fall damage Pretty much self explanatory, as some of you might know at the end of the round when it comes down to a 1v1 for the round to end, most of the times it happens for them to go for mids shots and while some end it quick, some others take some time and by not hitting it for a long time after 6-7 jumps your health goes down to 0 and going for a repair or trying to find a repair around the whole map wastes pretty much too much time. 3. Giving NOS after making a kill Pretty much the same point as I mentioned above, nos is a big piece of thing while driving on shooter, so after running out of it you would have to go and search for a pickup but making it possible that after you kill someone the reward for doing it would give you repair and nos would be highly appreciated. That is it for today, I guess.
  4. Hey, I thought I may share my frag movies here too! The first one Second Third oh and also I've made a funny shooter moments compilation which you can see here and a compilation of clutches enjoy watching and maybe sub.
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