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  1. 1. Which is your arena of preference to play at: DM, HDM or both? HDM 2. What makes a DM map HDM? Don't really have a straight answer for this one but I'd say if you have enough data - use numbers. If a map is played for example 1000 times and is still not fully topped, then it's HDM - badly made maps without tops won't make it this far in play rate, that being said, if a map reached 1000 plays then you're safe to assume it's made decently and challenging enough. 3. Give some examples. If you could select some maps which, in your opinion, would ideally draw a line between the two arenas, what maps would those be and why? Zidra Skills - Softcap line. Not hard enough for DM player to pass eventually, not easy enough for HDM player to pass after 1st time playing. That's to be said from an average HDM arena user, obviously players like Audi will pass it with closed eyes. Amazing Driving - More of a hardcore line. Considerably hard but hunter fights happen there quite often. But it's honestly just up to you where do you want to draw the line on how "hardcore" HDM arena would be. Most of the HDM players will probably not mind a high level as long as there are actually hard to pass maps - that's why they are here after all. @Pablow look, he's watching my videos
  2. stop spam darkyz @Gteatero @Goku
  3. add angry face emote reaction please
  4. imagine people want throne 2 when they get such masterpiece map absolute 10/10
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    gj to @CHRS' bro @xSimas since for some reason noone else congratulated him -.-
  6. thanks for jr, gl in finding
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