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  1. T-Name: Land Saviors T-Logo: https://imgur.com/a/w7GFFcW T-Leader(with serial): [LnS]Hedi Serial: A03CD658E7AA0231573E46ED28359E52 T-Members (with serials): [LnS]NitriXx1- Serial: 74534A23348E57A71250263B0F461BA2 [LnS]Rutur4J Serial: 5E8766AA1E1D1064FF15E558426787B2 [LnS]Sashanke Serial: 692D2F0CE9DCD6CB1462250C5BD75CF3 [LnS]Opacity Serial: 6D27D987CA50A3AEE18E548774825F44 [LnS]Hedi Discord: Hedi#3864 [LnS]NitriXx1- Discord: NitriXx1-#4873 [LnS]Rutur4J Discord: Rutur4J#0771 [LnS]Sashanke Discord: Sashanke#3867 [LnS]Opacity Discord: Opacity.XDD#3261
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