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  1. Welcome Reader! 1. Nickname, location and personal info Ciao! It’s me, Agoston, or if you prefer, Partyz. I just have finished my freshman year at university; I study financial mathematical analysis. My main interest is football: be it playing, betting or just watching. I also work out at times. Other than that, I often find myself playing turn based strategic games. 2. Previous Clans Xtreme Pro Racers (2014) Elite Master Players (2014) Very Important Players (2015) Sixth Sense (2015-18) Ace Verso (2019) 3. Your MTA career It’d be banal to give a detailed chronology, even misleading at times. Practically speaking, it is better to start off with recent events: that is, for me, answering two questions; two questions that capture my career and persona accurately. I’ll be telling the reason behind my quit to begin with, then zooming in on the reason of returning. Sixth Sense, ever since founded, has been having a major impact on the racing scene and its community. It was indeed an honour to take part in various activities within the team: from competing under the tag to organizing events, even wandering in development bustles. When our significance began to lift, we have been banned from the core of the racing scene as a result; without a true effect on us. Our effort to pay respect to the clan was honest loyality, even to this day. This is solely the reason behind my quit from casual playing. I then decided to continue playing deathmatch in a different form to ease the void after the ban. It turned out to be brilliant: a series in which remarkable classic tracks were mastered. Passion, which can hardly be found now—this is what the series was meant to underline, rather than the tremendous effort. Following this mindset, many competitive platforms such as tournaments are outdated and favour effort over talent—nothing to be passionate about. Being comfortable with numbers, it is not hard to tell that the latter should be and can be fixed, ultimately bringing back the old glory of the competitive gaming. I did attempt working on it. Ace Verso leader, on the other hand, did not bother to listen to me at all. And finally, all the unrealized the ideas, the lack of competitive adrenaline and a team to belong to has made me return. 4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you? I wish to continue enjoying the feeling of being in a team. Elite Players recently chose not to kneel to injustice, but to stay true to themselves at all cost. Needless to say, those characteristics felt familiar from the past. I knew at that very moment I found my team. 5. Contact Feel free to add me on discord, or even on skype. Agoston#0119 and partymta respectively. 6. Something to add Thank you for reading, I hope I was insightful; didn’t mean to write a never-ending meaningless application. There are some parts I didn’t want to explain either, I believe they are self-explanatory. See you later!
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