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  1. One More Night Song: Pham - Movements Tick 1440p60 recommended.
  2. In-game name: Tickz0r Country: Brazil/Macaco Serial: - Later Discord: Tick#0002
  3. Your In-game nick: Tickz0r What genre of music will you mostly play?: Hardstyle, pop, rock, hip-hop Discord: Tick#4167 What time and which days are you planning to stream?: Every day in the afternoon
  4. Tick Join Request ➜ - Nickname(s), real name, age & location: - Tickz0r, Temístocles Akim, 17, Brazil/Bahia ➜ - Tell us a bit about your MTA journey: - My story on mta started around 2013 ~ 24, i only played GTA until i met SAMP , i played about 1 year in samp race, find out mta that my first server i played was ffs gaming , i was finding new servers, ffs, tff , vultaic etc .. I met a lot of friendships, a lot, and I'm currently just playing mta dm. I have a lot of story to tell, but I will summarize. When I started training maps for internal championships, it was when I awoke my passion for mta, until today I do not leave this game for nothing. I'm currently focused on DM, Wff but I'm training other modes. It was very crazy when I started playing, I did not understand anything, but I was learning to play and to this day I am here, still learning more I know everything. ^^ ➜ - Previous clans and reasons for leaving: - iW// - Iron Will (left) UP| - Unlimited Power (left) iSG - International Society Gaming (closed) sK - Skilled Gaming (left) PxG// - Project Xtreme Gaming (left) SwC - Skills Without Control (closed) XF - Xtreme Force (closed/left) [KORN] - Knights of Red Night (kicked) ➜ - Why do you want to be a part of our family? - I see this clan as a clan where I want to stay until the end and help improve it to get to the top. Joining FoXX Family and helping the team in every way and helping makes the team a winner. ➜ - Which is the way you can help us to reach the top? - I can play clan battles, but my hunter is no good, so I can't control the hunter well. I can play when there are WFF tournaments and matches, internal and external championships and help in moderating the forum. ➜ - What social media do you use? - Discord: Tick#4167 Skype: srtickdosgames Tickz0r
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