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  1. Our new home! Here we are finally, our first news thread in our new home, as some of you may have known we were going to launch our own forum but the plans took a different turn and here we are instead partnering up with FoXX who have been kind enough to host this sub-forum for us, this will be our new home for the foreseeable future. Something we are also planning to do is to host events and for that we also want to thank FoXX for allowing us to promote our events through their website, we are obviously going to avoid colliding their events with ours so that everyone is happy and that we can support each other on this so called partnership. Once again, we are very grateful and thankful to the whole clan of FoXX, but especially the leadership and the people that have been heavily involved in this process. Clan Wars. Since our unofficial launch a few weeks back we have already been trying to warm ourselves up for future events by playing clanwars. We faced a very strong eP side in our first official clanwar which sadly ended in the favour of eP with the score of 9-11 but we quickly bounced back just a week after by managing to comeback from a four point deficit against xN, the score of that clanwar ended at 10-10. Our first two clanwars have both been DM matches but we would also love to recieve challenges in our other squad sections such as WFF and Shooter. CLANWAR REQUESTS Recruitment As we are finally official it is just fair enough from us to open our join requests section and see how many of you would love to be a part of our new clan. We'll make sure to recruit as soon as possible 🙂
  2. Join Request Format If you're reading this then it most likely means that you want to become a part of Synergy. If that actually is the case then you're quite lucky because this thread will explain exactly what to do if you want to join. There won't be any specific time gaps to when it comes to recruiting new members but rather us starting a vote for new trials when we feel the need to recruit new members. Although you could see a trend of recruitment annoucements at more important times of the year (holidays, christmas, etc.) Thread title: Syn. <Nickname> Join Request Nickname, real name, age and location: How long have you played MTA:SA/Your MTA Journey: Have you been in any previous clans (If yes, give reasons of leaving): Why do you want to be a part of Synergy? In what way are you going elevate our clan? Contact: (Skype is a must) Additional information (optional):
  3. # Nickname Rank Country 1 Syn.MarveL Leader - Head of Clan Sweden 2 Syn.TONY Leader - Head of Community Croatia 3 Syn.xDarK1nG DM Manager United Arab Emirates 4 Syn.ArMexy Manager Brazil 5 Syn.Adidas WFF Manager Argentina 6 Syn.PREDATOR Web Developer Tunisia 7 Syn.Reflex Web Developer Ukraine 8 Syn.Optic Member Slovenia 9 Syn.EM1N3M Member Argentina 10 Syn.Rhae Member Slovenia 11 Syn.Crystal Member Turkey 12 Syn.NoNameZ Member Germany 13 Syn.Beast Member Norway 14 Syn.Shael Member Poland 15 Syn.yani Member United Kingdom 16 Syn.ThoriN Member Slovakia 17 Syn.uns Member Latvia 18 Syn.Eyecatcher Member Germany 19 Syn.M4rc0s Member Chile 20 Syn.KAZIKO Member United Arab Emirates 21 Syn.Wade Member Israel 22 Syn.Swifty Member Palestine 23 Syn.Danny Member Germany 24 Syn.UltraZz Member Germany 25 Syn.Pedrin Member Brazil 26 Syn.LuuKas Member Brazil 27 Syn.SheldoN Member Moldavia 28 Syn.Gonzalez Member Saudi Arabia 29 Syn.Allcapone Member Brazil
  4. Will be a good one as usual 😃
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