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  1. The Link map thingy started as a server issue, ref thought players were bugged and he paused the game, then realized they werent and unpaused - some players got distracted and some even died iirc, sektor almost pressed enter because of it. xN asks for redo instantly, no answer from referee, decides to wait for a whole 30~ seconds to ask if XpR agrees just as 3 players from them die, ofc they say yes instantly, xN complains, they're ignored and redo is made. Really unfair from XpR side indeed, although they claim to be fair all the time but that's ok, it was ref's fault and they took advantage from it. Ref just failed to act properly, especially in such a close game where that map coulda changed the entire game. Another thingy; I was in xN team helping them with infos and cheering them up during the game, XpR asked to get me removed from xN team for some reason, xN disagrees as they think it's irrelevant, XpR claims it's "unfair" for me to be in xN team and asks spectators to put XpR tag and join their team (????). A while after ref moves me to spec, I question him why and basically says he'd rather not discuss with XpR and remove me, he also mentioned I was fucking F1 list up, another server issue I guess? Match was fun to watch with peepz in discord, I surely enjoyed seeing xN perform at the highest level after all this time and give such a good fight, I'm proud of what xN has achieved after struggling a lot not too long ago and I'm hoping they keep it up. greetings to makki
  2. In-game name: Adidas Country: Argentina Serial: DBD3AE4FBDC1DB0C1DA9B8904558E2E4 Discord: nachoshenko#2841
  3. I dunno if it's only me or what but I find these result threads really hard to read, specially table and match results. I also dont get the point of using so many of these "buttons" next to each other. just sharing me thoughts !!
  4. Adidas

    Clanwar Requests

    Since classic, format based clanwar requests have been practically useless for years now, we decided it's time to let them go and take a simpler approach. Synergy currently has three competitive squads up for clanwars: DM, WFF, Shooter - If you're interested in facing us in any of these gamemodes, please contact squad managers directly; DM: @darking (xDarK1nG#3014) WFF: @Adidas (Adidas#2841) Shooter: @PREDATOR (PREDATOR#2389) Please consider that we'll follow normal, mainstream rules. Changes are up for discussion.
  5. I'd like to share a very simple thing I've been following for a pretty long while now; I do understand that the issue here is not wether Overdose is hdm or Coon v1 is dm, but more like all the stuff inbetween which is obviously kinda hard to get perfect. I've been calling maps that basically don't rely on "gta bugs" (weird bounces, weird drifts and etc) as Tricky, maps like Ember, Greenpeace and Give up made me figure that they deserve their own category, these maps don't rely on bugs to function but they're fairly TRICKY by themselves and will most likely be not finished by most players unless they master them, DM scene can prove this (in xN we had a huge advantage for months by using Ember and Give up) this criteria might not be perfect but it can be pretty handy. "Tricky" maps should belong to DM, I gave fairly simple maps as examples but the idea can be applied to many maps.
  6. Hi I'd like to adress what happened because it seems like I was not as clear as I wanted to be; to keep it "short", Naxo sprayed Armexy while he was blacksmoking, we had a debate about wether it should be counted as spraykill or not and at the end ref decided to replay the round without Naxo. Our point was, even if naxo didn't generate the blacksmoke, mexy was still alive meaning he could have potentially killed people while blacksmoking right? I understand your points and this is just a hole in rules we should start clarifying from now on, blacksmoke counts as alive player and we all agree on this afaik, one of the points eP brought up was that Armexy didn't die (as in exploding) because of Naxo's spray but to the tree he hit afterwards, I understand this but, you can't trigger an explosion from a blacksmoking player with shots, so you can't really judge this situation with the same logic you judge 1+ HP players. Kind of summarizing; Armexy was still alive when he got sprayed with direct hits. We honestly meant no drama with this complaint, we just made up our points and ref took a decision and I don't think it'll be fair to say we were just trying to take advantages cuz were desperate. About the cw itself, some had to cancel/delay plans in order to play it entirely, I personally thought I wouldn't be able to stay until the end even with delays but I made it and I'm happy about my performance after all this time being kinda inactive in DM, I want to slowly come back to a good form and this is a nice start. We dominated at first and you guys pulled off an amazing comeback and turned the tables to your side, this was an intense clanwar and it reminds me of the classics xN-eP we had back then, kuddos for being great opponents and stay sharp, we'll meet again. Good game!
  7. It was not an option for us (xN) to let it slide leading to Torene not playing the finals, the situation was heavily mishandled and the match should have been stopped/cancelled right away, as forcing it to continue would only encourage people to DDoS even more. Many players wanted to continue at first but when you started to take the lead they all agreed on postponing (kinda dirty but it shouldn't have gotten to that point), everyone should have played that final that day or any other. And at the end, you just didn't want to cooperate due to your understandable frustration so you had to be replaced.
  8. This bro ditched xn very fast gg xn for making this guy co leader ^^ xdd go to sleep
  9. 10, he's my teammate 🙂
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