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  1. It´s Insane how much you have improved in such a short time, stepping into the HDM scene like its nothing and getting better and better with each release. In my eyes you have one of the highest ceilings i have ever seen from a mapper, keep this up and its safe to consider you among the best. It really is a pleasure for me to be working with you and seeing you surpass your limits.
  2. with @Gteatero in my team i see no chance for your clan @RoNNiE, best of luck you gonna need it.
  3. such an intense cw.. if ronnie wasnt in greece we would have won easily..! @RoNNiE
  4. what a upgrade! suceeded my expectations, wish it was longer but i guess its part of the series, keep going :) also pro video @gerc uwu @RoNNiE go check this kid
  5. cool tribute,needs more rooflights tho. time we finish Ultimate Territory Territory @RoNNiE
  6. vamooo @stan been a pleasure working with you bud, hidden gem right here.
  7. Goku

    On the Rise

    the new garage update gives me alot of NFSU2 vibes, nice one! @RoNNiE
  8. Goku

    [DM] Spacy - Comet Run

    good job, better than RoNNiE# ft. DLF - Ally Territory @RoNNiE
  9. what is this no goku v4 is okay DarkyZ is gay
  10. This map is okay DarkyZ is gay but in all seriousness insane map, the transition of track and deco is wonderfull to watch, not sure yet what its like to drive but from what i've seen it seems promising
  11. ooo partyz gl amigo Enjoy your stay DarkyZ is gay
  12. Goku

    Moving in

    I congratulate my team. I did not come because I was in Greece. Good job XpR!If it were me, it could be different. GG 7M more players within the foxx community equals a bigger playerbase for CTF!
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