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  1. In-game name: Goku Country: Germany Serial: F255C8B8FD688CBEE82C15D5344199A4 Discord: Goku ⛩#5660
  2. big thx to @AudiMTA01 for the video Ultimate Territory Territory 4.8% @RoNNiE
  3. It´s Insane how much you have improved in such a short time, stepping into the HDM scene like its nothing and getting better and better with each release. In my eyes you have one of the highest ceilings i have ever seen from a mapper, keep this up and its safe to consider you among the best. It really is a pleasure for me to be working with you and seeing you surpass your limits.
  4. with @Gteatero in my team i see no chance for your clan @RoNNiE, best of luck you gonna need it.
  5. such an intense cw.. if ronnie wasnt in greece we would have won easily..! @RoNNiE
  6. what a upgrade! suceeded my expectations, wish it was longer but i guess its part of the series, keep going :) also pro video @gerc uwu @RoNNiE go check this kid
  7. cool tribute,needs more rooflights tho. time we finish Ultimate Territory Territory @RoNNiE
  8. vamooo @stan been a pleasure working with you bud, hidden gem right here.
  9. Goku

    On the Rise

    the new garage update gives me alot of NFSU2 vibes, nice one! @RoNNiE
  10. Goku

    [DM] Spacy - Comet Run

    good job, better than RoNNiE# ft. DLF - Ally Territory @RoNNiE
  11. what is this no goku v4 is okay DarkyZ is gay
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