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  1. -Personal presentation (name, Nickname, age, current location): Hi I'm Adam, ryder/skanderbeji ingame, I am 21 years old and I live in Slovakia. I'm starting my 3rd University year and hopefully finish it succesfully so I can get Bachelor title 🙂 -Tell us about yourself (Story of your career in MTA): I have started playing MTA in 2010 on a server called [GoD]. I didn't enjoy playing it so I left but I came back in 2011 and I've started to play on ~AG~, a clan which I joined later on. In the same year I found out -ffs- server and started to play there aswell. In the meantime, AG got closed and I spent all of my time on -ffs-. In 2014 a VIP member (from the first Dogzones VIP) came on a server and called me to play on VIP, I liked it and made a JR and got accepted. Sadly I left for a fight with dogzone. In the middle of 2016, I tried my luck in SoR and I got accepted on the first try. It was the first bigger clan I joined and a big achievement in this game. I left once for a big fight with vondusky and eyecatcher but we got good later and I joined it back. After like a month, SHARPIX decided to close it for no reason. I stayed clanless until the MTA World Cup 2016 ended and I decided to make a JR for TfF and I got accepted. It was my best time in a clan, I got more famous in clanwars and I grew up as a person and as a player here. I have left TfF because of internal problems. I went to make a JR to xN after that, I got accepted but I left it for not fitting in and some other private reasons. The next clan I've been in was Seventh Miracle which I left. I was clanless for a while and I decided to try to join project Beast (B#), where I got the CW manager rank and handled pretty much every clanwar on my own. I became alot better in every aspect of the game, I enjoyed that clan even tho everyone talked shit on it, the atmosphere was awesome, we were an amazing team. I was in B# for almost a year. There was a new clan in the alley – uff, I decided to join it because I had lots of friends there, especially my bro triplex but we had a big fight later on and I left that was an honest mistake to be honest. Went to xN again, we were close to winning L7dm and performed well in L7wff, but after Adidas left the clan went downhill and some members decided to leave so did I. After that I went to MT and it was an amazing ride with them, I still love them and it will always stay in my heart because we were a strong team and I never expected that when I joined. Joined eP after that but I left because I didn't like some stuff inside the clan, after WFF finals I went inactive for a month and wanted to retire but well you just can't retire so easily from this game and I kind of miss competing 😞 -Clans in which you have been (Time you were in it, rank and exit reason): ~AG~ (2011) – My first clan in MTA, it got closed by Itoko >VIP< (2014) – First dogzones VIP, left SoR! (2016) – Fought with dusky and eye, left, later rejoined but it got closed by SHARPIX /TfF\ twice (2016-2017) – Left due to internal problems with some members 1st time and 2nd time left because I got invited by driver and when I joined dusky and driver left me and the clan went downhill with activity xN# twice (mid 2017 #1, 2019 #2) – Left the first time because I didn’t really fit in and acted like a fool by distracting team in a CW and 2nd time left because of some internal issues 7m – been there at its start, left B# (2018) – left uff – we had a sick team but I left because of some fights, it got closed later MT – closed, the best clan I’ve been in, honestly we made a relatively unknown team in the WFF Scene something promising but at the end, everyone went inactive, people joined with big promises but never stood anywhere near them and there was no reason to stay there with not so much active players. eP - joined together with triplex but I decided to leave -What are your goals in "Zeitgeist": Honestly I miss competing and I would want to give zeitgeist some of my WFF skills and hopefully motivate you all so we can achieve some good wins together 🙂 and I also got some friends here, although don't expect some big activity from me, I just join and play occasionally time to time when I'm bored or got nothing to do 🙂 -How can we contact you (Skype, Discord, Whatsapp) ?: Please everything but skype Discord: RYDER#9582 Can pm whatsapp 🙂
  2. ryderawr


    noone cares about you you piece of shit
  3. sadly you didnt put us in 1 group with the easiest clan in the tournament (xN) but i guess its fine, love the concept DISGONBLIT
  4. gratz ryder and stormi for full member! ah wait
  5. mmmmsiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ❤️
  6. good to know that youre gay gl partyzeta 😘
  7. ryderawr

    Moving in

    congratz ryder jk aside im glad to be part of this team, been a dream to play with TK and dusky in 1 team ❤️ lets rape everyone Champ and gz to the other trials 😘
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