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  1. Pretty cool map dude, you got the basics here, with the time you will improve a lot! - Keep it up! (PS: Take care about the FOV for decorations, there are misplacing objects)
  2. Looks really fun to play, great video!
  3. Zebra

    On the Rise

    Congratulations to new trials❤ and thank you for my promotion to member! - Sick video @gerc
  4. Zebra

    [DM] Snafi - Citified

    Really liked the map, a pretty detailed city with nice scenes in some parts, the track could've been better but seems fun to play. Lovely video @gerc
  5. Buen mapita, faltan mejorar algunas cosas en la track para que sea un poquito más smooth y la deco se ve bien trabajada, falta ir mejorando un poco más la visión panorámica en ese lado. Pedazo de video gercsito ❤️
  6. Buena suerte hno ❤️
  7. Pretty nice map and video!
  8. Zebra

    Wassup ?

    Welcome to FoXX, enjoy your stay!
  9. Would be cool if you share it with the mapping community 😄
  10. Not bad. / Jokes aside, that map is just quality for my eyes, nevertheless I'd have never think something less from you both guys. Congratulations for the effort you put in and I hope one day we could make a map @Disaster! Perfect video @gerc, you never dissapoint, just keep it up! PS: How you managed to map with oversized objects? Is this thanks to scripts to make them don't flicker nor disappear while you driving?
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