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  1. Registrations will be closed at 31st of December 23:59 CET.
  2. I wish you had left out the totally unbelievable drunk part... You are unbanned, Merry Christmas!
  3. Hello Community! Our Christmas Event has officially came to an end and of course, we have not forgotten about your truly deserved rewards: Forum Banner 1. iMeMPlayZ (1.000.000$ in-game money, 30 Days of FoXX Prime, 90 Days of Mapping Server) 2. knsk (750,000$ in-game money, 15 Days of FoXX Prime, 60 Days of Mapping Server) 3. STRANGER (500,000$ in-game money, 7 Days of FoXX Prime, 30 Days of Mapping Server) Christmas Scenery 1. knsk (1.000.000$ in-game money, 30 Days of FoXX Prime, 90 Days of Mapping Server) Christmas Ride 1. Chipy (1.000.000$ in-game money, 30 Days of FoXX Prime, 90 Days of Mapping Server) Honorable Mentions As a token of our gratitude, every participant who has sadly not achieved 1.-3. place, will be rewarded with 200,000$ in-game money! Your rewards will be handed out real soon, make sure to check your PMs frequently. Merry Christmas to everyone,UppeR & FoXX Management.
  4. Who Can Finish: Season II Hello everyone, as it was publically known that we'll be coming back with WCF, there you go. We are quite happy and excited to announce Season II of WCF. Season I had an amazing amount of registrations received and you guys showed your enthusiasm and interest which we believe that you guys still have the same feelings for Season II, so we didn't want to get it delayed anymore. We want to thank people who are going to register beforehand. Rules, map-list, and the registration format will be included in this thread. Now, let's get down to business. This topic will also help and remind you how the tournament will work considering the groups and the further stages. Group Stage / Elimination Phase Groups will be shaped accordingly to the amount of registrations. The top four will directly advance to ¼ Groups. There will be another group created for the fifth comes from each group, and they will be given a chance to advance to ¼ Groups as well. (Only top four will be able to advance to ¼s.) Quarter-Finals The top four will advance to Semi finals (1/2) Semi-Finals The top 4 of both of the groups will advance to the finals. Finals There will be one group consisting of all the players who managed to succeed in their semi-final groups. The top 3 placements will win their prizes. Rules If a player misses his match date without contacting the organization beforehand, he will be disqualified, if the player is not able to play the date organization put forward, he is free to change his group with another player as long as he agrees as well. Insulting, provoking, and speech of hate is forbidden in every chat. If a player gets timed out within or before the first ten seconds of the round, we redo the round. If a player gets timed out during the round after the first ten seconds, the round will continue regardless. If a player uses a shortcut, he will directly be blown without a warning. Skipping vehicle change pickups is not allowed. Doing roof parts forward, driving backward parts forward, skipping the repair, and nitro pickups are allowed. Nos-save is allowed. Doing the fast jump as much as you do not cut a big part is allowed. Just like in regular WFF, points will be earned according to players' finishing time or positions. In case a couple of players die at the same spot, the first one to reach there will earn the point(s). The point system will exactly be like in regular WFF. 1st player gets 3 points, 2nd gets 2 points, 3rd gets 1 point and 4th gets 1 point. Maplist 1. ShondeX ft. Javii ft. Cookie - Unthinkable 2. RoNNiE ft. Naval - Overdose 3. Rampage ft. ShondeX - Dark Bloom 4. Goku v4 - Ageless Void 5. DK ft. Flash ft. Shondex ft. MeH - Bastard skills 2 6. Chipy - Descendant's Skills IV 7. Cosa_Nostra v7 - Uncommon 8. DLF ft. R1KUZ - Valuable Attempt II 9. Flash ft. sYKu ft. Cookie - Hard Fury 2 10. Gteatero ft Shine - Last suspense 11. Rexon ft. CHRS ft. Naval ft. Gteatero - New Age II 12. stan - Arkaster Reign 13. DeLeTe - Lagosta 14. CresheZ ft. DizzasTeR - Way To Steer II 15. Gteatero - Mischievous 16. Neksezi ft. HTML# - Aphelium 17. ShondeX ft. Goku - The Deep Abyss 18. Naval ft. Nakezi - Unmatched Player 19. ShondeX ft. BrighT - Blinded In Chains II 20. Gteatero ft. Shine - Noxious force 3 Prize Pool 1st Place50€ 1.500.000$ in-game money 90 Days of FoXX Prime 2nd Place 30€ 1.000,000$ in-game money 60 Days of FoXX Prime 3rd Place 20€ 750,000$ in-game money 30 Days of FoXX Prime Most Points Earned 500,000$ in-game money Registration Format All of the players must register with the following format: In-game name: Country: Serial: Discord: WCF's Discord Link: https://discord.gg/MknFecsm6D Make sure you include all of the information required by the format correctly, we want to ensure a fair game for everyone. Good luck & have fun! Sincerely, UppeR & FoXX Leadership.
  5. UppeR


    You must use the correct format and calling me a bitch in your request is also not the way to get unbanned. Closed.
  6. Christmas Event! Hello Community! Today we'd like to present you with another seasonal event, this time it's based on one of the most awaited occasions: Christmas! Not only it is a heart-to-heart experience for many, but it is also the time for presents! It might not be the end of the year quite yet, but we are really grateful for all your support throughout our journey so far! To show our genuine gratitude, we have prepared three different kinds of contests for you, with huge prizes to obtain! Categories It's up to you to pick one of them or to submit one for each category below. Your job is to create the most creative Christmas themed landscape/scenery with the use of a map editor. The creation of a Christmas themed forum banner. It will decorate our forum for a short period of time. Creating a short DM/FDD/Catch(arena choice is optional, but has to be one of them.) map where it is located in a living room that is decorated for Christmas. (If you're wondering how can you create a huge living room, you can get inspirations from Jacob v.5 - Revolt) Rules - Participants can post only one submission for each category but can edit or replace their submissions with something else. - You have to submit at least one and a maximum of two pictures of your project. Multiple submissions are allowed. - Textures can be used in the making, but the submission must not be focused on it. - Slight edits are allowed on your picture, but it must not overshadow your map. - Your Forum Banner submission has to be made in the following dimension: 500 x 87px. - Short Map should be at least 40 seconds, the maximum amount is unlimited. - Deadline for submissions is 23rd December. Prize Pool The following rewards will be given out to the most creative submitters in each category: 1st Place1.000.000$ in-game money 30 Days of FoXX Prime 90 Days of Mapping Server 2nd Place 750,000$ in-game money 15 Days of FoXX Prime 60 Days of Mapping Server 3rd Place 500,000$ in-game money 7 Days of FoXX Prime 30 Days of Mapping Server Honorable Mentions 200,000$ in-game money Format: In-game nick: Serial: Submission Category/(-ies) (Christmas Scenery/Christmas Ride/Forum Banner): Name of your content (optional): Discord: (You can submit in multiple categories in one message, be sure to name which is which) Best of luck to everyone! Best Regards, UppeR & FoXX Management.
  7. UppeR

    Reporting Rezzy

    Has been taken care of, thanks for reporting.
  8. Great map as I already said to you many times @CzerkA ❤️ The video is really good @Tick, looking forward to see more from you in the future!
  9. Halloween Events Closure Hello Everyone! After having to check plenty of great looking, funny submissions, our duty was quite hard to pick a winner, just because it is 2nd of November don't think that we forgot rewarding the best submissions, but because the deciding took longer than expected. Ultimately our Halloween Event has come to an end officially, and of course the winners are as follows: Forum Banner Winner: @STRANGER (750.000$ in-game money & 30 days donator) Topic Banner Winner: @holys (750,000$ in-game money & 30 days donator) Spooky Entertainer Winner: @Semi (and @NAiiF) (2x 375,000$ in-game money & 15 days donator) 3.mp4 Congratulations to the winners, they will be contacted by us about their rewards really soon. Stay tuned for more events in the future!
  10. Halloween Events! Idea: Hello there, this topic will explain what this event is about specifically, in case you missed the announcement. In order to participate, you are expected to submit a video containing a crazy/funny/insane moments. A more detailed explanation can be found down below in the Rules section, make sure to read them before submitting your entries. For more information regarding both the events & prizes visit here. Good luck to everyone! Format: In-game nick: Serial: Video submission: Discord: Rules 1. Multiple submissions per account are allowed. A single submission should showcase a single moment of your choice. Do not create montages. 2. The video must be shot in the server belonging to FoXX (main/clan wars/etc). If there are no identifying UI elements clearly visible in the video, it will not be deemed as a valid entry. 3. In case you shoot a video of someone else, they will obtain equal rights to the prize: if there are X parties involved in the shooting of the video, the prize will be split into X pieces. 3.1. This rule does not completely apply to cases like FDD, e.g.: if there are 3-5 people clustered near one another and a 6th player hits them with a destructive vehicle, we will judge which parties are the most relevant to the effect that the clip holds. 4. Videos must be uploaded to safe platforms, e.g.: YouTube, Vimeo, Streamable, or in case you are a live streamer on Twitch, we accept links to the clips as well. 5. Creativity and your imagination is the only limit! Recommended software for recording: Xbox Game Bar (Win 10 users), Nvidia Shadowplay, OBS Studio. (More suggestions are welcome!)
  11. Halloween Events! Idea: Hello there, this topic will explain what this event is about specifically, in case you missed the announcement. You're expected to either create a Forum banner that you see on the top or a Topic banner that you so often see in every announcement topic. Most likely, winners will be different for both categories. For more information regarding both the events & prizes, visit here. Good luck to everyone! (Remember to keep the theme based on Halloween). - Use these dimensions while designing either Forum or Topic Banner: Forum Banner : 500 x 87 px Topic Banner : 1000 x 387 px Format: In-game nick: Serial: Event Category (Forum Banner / Topic Banner): Name of your content (optional): Discord: (You can submit both Forum Banner & Topic Banner in one message, be sure to name which is which)
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